Oriental car insurance protects you from uncertainties and unforeseen situations that can lead to substantial losses. You and your car are covered against a variety of physical damages, bodily injuries, death and third-party liabilities. The customised plans also offer added protections, add-ons, emergency services and multiple other benefits.

  • Easy purchase and renewal.
  • Third-party and comprehensive covers.
  • Incurred claim ratio: 68.19%.
  • Quick & hassle-free claim settlement.
  • 30 regional and over 1,800 operating offices.
  • Accessible in both urban and rural parts of the country.

Oriental motor insurance from "The Oriental Insurance Company Limited" serves millions of car owners across India through cashless settlement facilities at 3,100+ network garages and various user-friendly features.


Features & Advantages of Oriental Motor Insurance

  • Flexible plans.
  • Cashless facility.
  • Covers accidental losses/damages to your car.
  • Takes care of liabilities to third parties.
  • Includes a personal accident cover for the owner-driver. 
  • Add on covers (with extra premium): Nil depreciation cover, alternative car benefit, free emergency services through TVS and many more.
  • Voluntary, automobile association membership and no-claim bonus discounts.
  • Cost-effective policies.
  • Excellent customer service, pre and post-sales assistance.


Oriental Four Wheeler Insurance Policies & Variants

The Private Car Package Policy

  • The policy can be availed by the owners of the car, financiers or lessee who have insurable interests.
  • Coverage for accidental losses or damages to the car and liabilities to third parties.
  • Loss/damage caused by burglary, housebreakingor theft, fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, landslide, rockslide, inundation, terrorism, riots, strikes, malicious acts, transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift.
  • Partial damage: The repair or replacement cost (subject to deduction of depreciation/wreck value of parts) is paid.
  • Theft/total loss: IDV is paid.
  • Liabilities to third parties-If the insured car causes injuries/death and/or property damage to a third party; the legal liability gets covered.
  • Personal accident cover for the owner-driver (worth 2 lakh rupees): In case of death, loss of two limbs, the sight of two eyes, loss of one limb and sight of one eye, you get 100% compensation. Loss of one limb or sight of one eye leads to 50% of compensation.
  • Add-on covers (by paying an extra premium).
  • Amount of insurance: Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car.
  • The additional premium is chargeable for electrical/electronic items, CNG/LPG fuel and extra benefits.
  • Period of insurance: One year, however, shorter duration covers can also be availed.


Oriental Car Insurance Online: Add-OnCovers

  • Nil-depreciation cover: In case of a partial damages claim, the full value of parts is indemnified without applying depreciation thereon. A specific deductible is applied as per terms of your policy.
  • Loss of personal items (except money, credit cards, laptops): The maximum of 5,000 to 10,000 rupees are paid when your loss becomes payable under the own-damage section. An additional premium of 400 to 650 rupees must be paid.
  • Alternative car benefit: When you are deprived of the insured car after an accident or a theft, you get the benefit for using an alternative car for a limited period (5,10 or 15 days). The per-day limit varies from 400 to 650 rupees.
  • Free emergency service through TVS: If your car is insured through Oriental's offices in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, All southern states, Mumbai and Kolkata, you get free emergency services in case of a breakdown. No premium is chargeable.


Exclusions of Oriental Insurance Car Policy

  • Depreciation and consequential losses.
  • Damages to car tyres or tubes (unless damage to the car in the accident- maximum liability = 50% of the value).
  • The car used for hire, reward, speed testing, reliability trials, pacemaking, organised racing and the motor trade.
  • Damage caused by an individual driving without a valid driving license. 
  • Mechanical, electrical breakdowns or failures.
  • Driving under the influence of liquor, alcohol or drugs.
  • Damages outside India (unless covered by an extra premium for Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives).
  • Losses or damages attributable to war, mutiny or nuclear risks.


Oriental Insurance Motor Insurance: Discounts

  • Voluntary deductible:It is a part of the claim amount that the policyholder chooses to bear at the time of claim. It could result in a considerable reduction in the annual premium. Choosing a higher voluntary deductible helps you save a substantial amount on premium in the long run.
  • Discount for anti-theft devices: If your insured car is equipped with an anti-theft device that is approved by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the insurance company offers a premium discount.
  • If no claim is preferred in the expiring policy, you get a bonus/no-claim discount on the premium of your new policy. 20% for one claim-free year, 25% for two, 35% for three, 45% for four and 50% for five consecutive claim-free years.
  • Automobile association membership discount.


Oriental Car Insurance Policy Premium

The premium for your car insurance policy is based on factors such as IDV, the make/model, year of purchase, registration and the city.

One can compare policies and plans by visiting Oriental Insurance's official website. Alternatively, you may use established online insurance comparison portals such as www.Quickinsure.comto explore quotations, simplify and speed up the process of buying car insurance.


Oriental Car InsuranceRenewal & Application

One can apply for/renew a car insurance policy by viewing and comparing quotes online through insurance comparison platforms such as


Oriental Car Insurance Review

Oriental car insurance's third-party and comprehensive policies are designed to protect owners and their cars from most damages. It's a public sector company, a trusted name admired for its pan-India setup, practical plans, cashless options, affordable prices and numerous add-ons.


Oriental Car Insurance: FAQs

Q: Am I allowed to choose the amount of my car insurance?

No. Generally, the sum insured will be based on the IDV of your car. If it is reasonably new (let's say less than 5 years old), the manufacturer's registered selling price could be considered as the IDV. It could change with deprecation based on your car's age. In the case of cars older than 5 years and second-hand ones, the IDV is usually an agreed sum between the owner and the insurance provider.

Q: Is there a need to close my present car insurance and purchase a new one while relocating?

Some companies insist on switching your car insurance as procedures and premiums could vary from one state to another. However, with Oriental, you can fill in a fresh proposal form, and a specific branch may then request a personal inspection of your car. Post successful completion of the required formalities, you could be allowed to renew and continue with your existing insurance.

Q: Can I transfer my insurance to the buyer of my car?

Yes, you can, by submitting a new proposal form. You could be charged a nominal fee.

Q: How is the rate of depreciation of my car parts determined by Oriental?

  • It is 50% for all nylon, rubber and plastic parts (including tubes, tyres, airbags, and batteries).
  • 30% for fibreglass parts.
  • 0% for parts made of glass.
  • 0-50% for other parts such as wooden components, the depreciation will depend on the age of your car (less than 6 months-over 10 years).

Q: Can you explain the entire claim process?

  • Cashless claim: Inform Oriental about the accident/mishap (by calling the toll-free number, sending images of your damaged car to the nearest branch or the email id mentioned in your policy document). A surveyor will come to examine the extent of the damage. The car is then towed to the nearest authorised garage for repairs. Oriental insurance pays all the repair costs directly to the garage.
  • Reimbursement claim: Inform Oriental about the accident/mishap (by calling the toll-free number, sending images of your damaged car to the nearest branch or the email id mentioned in your policy document). A surveyor will come to examine the extent of damage and send an inspection report to the insurance company (you can then proceed with the repair work). The car is then towed to the nearest authorised garage for repairs. Collect the original bills from the garage before taking the final delivery of the repaired car. Submit these bills with all necessary documents to Oriental insurance for them to initiate a reimbursement. It may take up to 7 working days.

Toll-free contact: 1800-11-8485 and Non-toll free number: 011-33208485.


Disclaimer: The information shared is purely indicative. Please refer to the policy wordings for most up-to-date and precise details.


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