The all-new Toyota Camry is a premium sedan and a self-charging petrol hybrid electric car. It comes with gorgeous exteriors, bold front grille, elegant interiors, enhanced front comfort, unparalleled rear comfort and safety features of the highest order.

Camry is a perfect choice for environment-friendly consumers. It is powered by a 2.5 L petrol engine with Dynamic Force 4-cylinder that meets an electric motor and delivers an optimum blend of excellent output, improved fuel efficiency and emission performance.

Toyota Camry: Specifications

Toyota Camry's Variants

One variant: Camry Hybrid 2.5

Engine Description

2.5 L Petrol-Hybrid, 4 Cylinders

Engine Displacement

2,487 cc

Maximum Power

131 kW (178 PS)@5,700 rpm

Maximum Torque

221 Nm (23 kg-m)@3,600-5,200 rpm

Length x Width x  Height

4,885 x 1,840 x 1,455 mm


2,825 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank



Front-MacPherson Strut, Rear-Double Wishbone

Brake System

Front-Disc, Rear-Disc

Official Tagline



Toyota Camry: Prices

Ex-showroom Prices (New Delhi):- 37.88 Lakhs (Please check precise details at the time of purchase).

Toyota Camry Insurance Coverage

The following two types of coverage are available:

The basic third-party mandated-by-law car insurance for Toyota Camry Hybrid offers financial assistance in case of injuries to third parties or damages to their properties. Its prices are usually revised every year.

Comprehensive car insurance is more suitable for those who wish to have all-round coverage and safety. It protects your car from various natural, human-made disasters, theft, against third party injuries or property damages, self-injuries and own-damages.


Toyota Camry Insurance: Add-On Covers

  • Zero Depreciation: It usually comes with a comprehensive policy. Also called as nil depreciation or a bumper to bumper cover, it pays the entire cost of external repairs/replacement without considering any depreciation in the value of your car parts.
  • Roadside Assistance: Also called as RSA, the roadside assistance cover rescues you and provides immediate help when your car gets damaged during an accident, or you suffer bodily injuries.
  • No-Claim Bonus Protection: It allows you to save on your annual premium by offering a discount when you do not file a claim throughout the insurance period.
  • Engine Protection: It covers damages to the engine and compensates you for repairs or replacements of your engine or parts such as pistons and rods.


Toyota CamryInsurance: Why Quickinsure?

Explore Toyota Camry insurance costwith Quickinsure by comparing Camry insurance rates and availing substantial discounts from various recognised insurance providers.

Quickinsure’s industry-experienced service consultants, post-sales relationship managers and professional claims team are well-equipped to help you with all your Toyota insurance needs.

Toyota Camry: Review

The new Camry is a classy sedan with a modern design language from Toyota, the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan. It adds to your personality and style quotient while providing an exceptionally smooth and responsive ride quality. The leader with over 70% share in its segment, Camry can be described as one of Toyota's better creations, if not the best till date.

Toyota Camry: FAQs

Q: Is it necessary to go for a comprehensive Toyota Camry insurance cover?

By law, you are required to have at least a third-party cover; however, it is wise to opt for the comprehensive one.

Q: Am I allowed to transfer the "No-claim bonus" discount from my previous insurance company?

Yes, you are!

Q: Are there any aspects which are not covered by the companies providing Toyota Camry insurance?

Yes, insurance companies share policy exclusions with you. They could range from driving under the influence of the alcohol/drugs, without a valid driving license, outside specified geographical limits, to staging an accident for claiming insurance benefits. One must carefully study all these aspects before finalising a policy.

Q: How can I find out which insurance provider and particular policy is appropriate for me?

You may compare multiple policies, features and prices from all the recognised insurance providers at and choose the one that satisfies your requirements.

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