TATA Sumo, one of the more robust, sturdy, spacious multi-utility vehicles (MUVs) ever to hit Indian roads, has been designed for urban, rural and military use. The Japanese wrestling tradition influences its name, reflects size, strength and stability.

After going through many upgrades, the people carrier now boasts of a powerful new engine, a variety of features to appeal to private car buyers and is amongst the more affordable MUVs in the country.


TATA Sumo’s Specifications

Sumo’s Variants

Sumo Gold CX, Sumo Gold CX PS, Sumo Gold EX and Sumo Gold GX

Engine Description

CR4 Diesel Engine

Engine Displacement

2,956 cc

Maximum Power

84 bhp@3,000 rpm

Maximum Torque

250 Nm@1,000 rpm

Length x Width x  Height

4,258 x 1,700 x 1,925 mm


2,425 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

65 L


Front-Double wishbone-type with coil springs, antiroll bar, Rear- Salisbury-type beam rear axles with parabolic leaf springs and antiroll bar

Brake System

Front-Disc, Rear-Drum

Official Tagline

More Than Meets the Eye


TATA Sumo Prices

Ex-showroom Prices (New Delhi):- 7.52-8.97 Lakhs (Please check precise details at the time of purchase).


TATA Sumo Insurance Coverage

Third-party liability cover:The legally-mandatory basic car insurance protects you against third-party damages/losses. It does not cover your own-damages; however, it saves you from traffic fines.

Comprehensive insurance: It is a highly-recommended car insurance cover that not only includes third-party policy features but also addresses the damages caused to you and your car.


TATA Sumo: Add-On Covers

Zero Depreciation:The cover is also described as a nil-depreciation add-on or bumper-to-bumper insurance. It generally comes with a comprehensive policy and pays the entire cost of external care body repairs/replacements without taking any depreciation in the value of the car parts into consideration.

Roadside Assistance:The add-on is also called as RSA, provides immediate assistance during accidents and could be bundled with your comprehensive insurance at zero or little extra cost.

No-Claim Bonus Protection:The NCB or No-claim bonus allows you to save money on your car insurance premium. You get a specific discount for not claiming in the previous year. The add-on protects your hard-earned accumulated discount even when you lodge a claim.

Engine Protection:It takes care of damages to your car's engine and compensates you for repairs/replacements of your engine parts including pistons and connecting rods.


TATA Sumo: Why Quickinsure?

Explore Sumo Gold insurance with Quickinsure by comparing TATA Sumo insurance price and availing substantial discounts from various recognised insurance providers.

Quickinsure’s seasoned, industry-experienced consultants, post-sales relationship, service managers and professional claims team are well-equipped to help you with all your TATA general insurance needs.


TATA Sumo: Review

TATA Sumo, the legendary people mover, launched in 1994, was originally designed as a ten-seater jeep. With its no-nonsense exteriors and clutter-free spacious interiors, it quickly became the darling of growing Indian middle class in the 90s.

After serving for 25 eventful years, it was discontinued in 2019 but remained a symbol ofaura and ruggedness on the road.



Q: Is it necessary to go for an OD/comprehensive cover for my TATA Sumo?

You may choose out of a third party cover and a comprehensive cover. As per law, in India, it is compulsory to have at least a third party policy that covers you against legal liabilities for injuries/death/property damages caused to third parties during accidents. It does not cover damages/losses to your car in an accident/theft.

A comprehensive policy while covering third party liabilities also covers own-damages. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a comprehensive cover.


Q: Does my car insurance premium depend on the engine capacity?

Yes! A higher engine capacity of your car invites a higher premium.


Q: Can I purchase add-on covers only without buying Sumo car insurance from the same company?

Unfortunately, no. Add on packages are sold only with car insurance policies. 


Q: How can I find out which insurance provider and particular policy is appropriate for me?

You may compare multiple policies, features and prices from all the recognised insurance providers at Quickinsure.co.in and choose the one that satisfies your requirements.

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