Kotak Mahindra health insurance protects you against rising medicare costs while also keeping your family members secured against various illnesses. It offers a variety of plans for individuals, entire families under one policy and multiple members with individual sums insured.

  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Pre-existing diseases waiting period: 4 years.
  • Fast claim registration.
  • Minimum paperwork.
  • Lifelong renewability.
  • Tax benefits under section 80D.

Kotak medical insurance from "Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Company Ltd"  serves millions across the country through its 4,000+ strong cashless hospital network and 24x7 claim assistance services.


Features & Advantages: Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance

  • Coverage for inpatient and OPD treatments (including room rent, ICU, boarding expenses, OT charges, medicines and consumables).
  • Also covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses.
  • Flexibility to choose a sum insured as per your specific requirements.
  • 150 specified daycare procedures.
  • Optional covers such as convalescence benefit, donor expense, hospital daily cash, domiciliary hospitalisation, alternative treatment, critical illness cover, maternity benefit and many more.
  • Ambulance charges.
  • Instant and hassle-free policy renewal facility.


Kotak Health Insurance Plans

1] Kotak Secure Shield

  • Entry age: 18 years. Maximum: 65 years.
  • A critical illness cover.
  • After the diagnosis of any of the 18 critical illnesses, other medical emergencies, and while undergoing surgical procedures, the individual is entitled to receive a one-time sum insured.
  • It helps you take care of medical expenses and other financial obligations.
  • Covers the first diagnosis of Cancer of specified severity, Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis, Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms, Motor Neurone Disease (with Permanent Symptoms), Benign Brain Tumor, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension and End-Stage Liver Disease/Failure.
  • First-time surgical procedures: Major Organ or Bone Marrow, Transplant, Open heart replacement/repair of heart valves, Open chest CABG and Aorta Graft Surgery.
  • Medical events: Coma of specified severity, Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms, Permanent paralysis of limbs, First Heart Attack-of specified severity, Third-degree (or significant) burns, Deafness or loss of hearing and loss of speech.
  • Personal accident benefit: In case of death/permanent total disability due to an accident, your family members may get the personal accident benefit.
  • Child education benefit: In the event of your demise/permanent total disability, your child receives continuous education.
  • Loss of job benefit: You can avail a loan in case of job loss.
  • Policy periods: 1, 2 & 3 years.
  • A free look period of 15 days.


2] Kotak Health Care

  • Entry age: 91 days. Maximum: 65 years (25 years for dependent children).
  • Available with three options: Excel, Premium and Prime.
  • Individual + Floater options.
  • Covers you, your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.
  • Base sum insured: 2 lakh to 1 crore rupees.
  • Waiting period for pre-existing diseases: 4 years.
  • Coverage against hospitalisation-incurred expenses, including inpatient treatment, daycare treatment, pre-hospitalisation and ambulance expenses.
  • One free health check-up every year for each insured member above the age of 18. Tests include CBC, MER, Serum, Cholesterol, Serum Creatinine, SGPT /SGOT, ECG and others.
  • Option to choose add-ons such as Hospital Daily Cash, Convalescence Benefit, Donor Expenses, Critical Illness Cover, Double Sum Insured and Cap on Room Rent.
  • Emergency ambulance services.
  • Mandatory medical check-ups for individuals above 45 years of age.
  • Policy periods: 1, 2 & 3 years.
  • A free look period of 15 days.


3] Kotak Accident Care- A personal accident policy

  • Entry age: 5 years. Maximum: 65 years.
  • Provides a financial cushion to you and your family against events arising out of an accident.
  • Option to choose Section A or Section B covers.
  • Section A pays a lump sum amount in case of Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement or Temporary Total Disablement.
  • Optional covers under Section A (payment of the additional premium): Carriage of Dead Body, Permanent Total Disablement Improvement Benefit, Permanent Partial Disablement Improvement Benefit, Children’s Education Grant, Ambulance Charges and Funeral Expenses Extension.
  • Section B covers other contingencies arising out of an accident. Takes care of expenses in case of hospitalisation.
  • Additional benefits: Accidental Hospital Daily Cash Benefit, Accidental Hospitalisation Expenses Reimbursement and Convalescence Benefit.
  • Policy periods: 1, 2 & 3 years.


4] Kotak Health Super Top Up

  • A top-up health insurance plan.
  • Get higher health insurance coverage at affordable prices.
  • Works alongside your basic health insurance and enhances it.
  • Covers your complete family under one plan.
  • Multiple variants and sum insured options.
  • Double sum insured for hospitalisation due to accidents.
  • Takes care of inpatient and daycare treatments (listed 405 daycare procedures).
  • Ambulance expenses up to 2,000 rupees/hospitalisation.
  • Organ Donor Cover- Expenses of the donor in case of an organ transplant.
  • Medical expenses related to Ayurveda, Unani and Sidha up to 50,000 rupees.
  • Restoration of the sum insured: 100%.
  • Cumulative bonus: 10% additional annual sum insured for every claim-free year.
  • Long term coves: 2 or 3 years.


5] Kotak Health Premier

  • Entry age: 91 days for children and 18 years for adults.
  • The maximum age for adults: 65 years.
  • Maximum entry age for children: 25 years (after which they are considered as adults).
  • Individual and family floater options are available.
  • Floater policy covers a maximum of two adults and three dependent children.
  • Covers you, your spouse, natural/adopted dependent children, parents, parents-in-law, siblings, employer and employee.
  • Takes care of inpatient treatments, pre/post-hospitalisation expenses and daycare treatments.
  • One free health check-up for every insured individual above 18 years of age for specific tests.
  • Also includes Second E-Opinion Cover, Ambulance Cover, Organ Donor Cover, Alternative Treatment and Domiciliary Hospitalisation.
  • Other covers: Hospital Daily cash, Convalescence, Home Nursing Benefit, Daily Cash for Accompanying an Insured Child, Compassionate Visit, Air Ambulance Cover, Maternity Benefit, New Born Baby Cover and Vaccination Expenses Cover.
  • Optional covers: Critical Illness Cover, Personal Accident Cover and Cap on Room Rent.
  • Earn cumulative bonus up to 50% or 100% of the sum insured.
  • 100% restoration of the base sum insured once in a policy year (if the base sum insured and cumulative bonus are insufficient).
  • Long term discount for 2-year policy: 2.5% and 3-year policy: 5%.
  • Family discount (not for floater policies): 2 eligible members: 2.5% and more than two members: 5%.
  • Pre-policy medical check-ups: Facilitated by the insurer and conducted at their network of diagnostic centres.
  • Policy period: 1 to 2 years.


General Exclusions of Kotak Medical Insurance

  • Pre-existing diseases for 48 months and the first occurrence of any medical condition within 90 days  (applicable only for critical illnesses).
  • A usage, consumption of intoxicants, hallucinogens, alcohol and drugs.
  • Self-destruction or self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicide and suicide.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, AIDS-related complex syndrome and diseases caused by and/or related to HIV.
  • While serving in any branch of the Military/Armed Forces of any country during the war.
  • Claims arising from the insured individual committing any breach of the law with criminal intent.
  • Ionising radiation/contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel/nuclear waste/combustion of nuclear fuel. 
  • Acts of terrorism regardless of other causes and events contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss.
  • War, invasion, an act of foreign enemy and hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny, military/usurped power, seizure, capture, arrests and restraints.

Note: Please refer to detailed insurance product brochures for policy/plans-specific exclusions.


Kotak Health Insurance Premium

Kotak medical insurance premiumis based on factors such as your age, medical history, lifestyle habits, the sum insured and type of cover you choose. 

One can compare policies and plans by visiting Kotak General Insurance’s official website. Alternatively, you may use established online insurance comparison portals such as www.Quickinsure.com to explore quotations, simplify and speed up the process of buying medical insurance.


Kotak Health Insurance Renewal & Purchase

One can apply for/renew health insurance policy by viewing and comparing quotes online through insurance comparison platforms such as www.Quickinsure.com.


Kotak Health Insurance Review

Kotak health insurance is admired across India for its digitally-enabled processes, a broad range of customised policies suitable for all sections of the society, practical features, add-ons and brilliant customer service.


Kotak Mahindra Medical Insurance: FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of a health insurance policy?

It covers all your expenses incurred due to hospitalisation, including inpatient treatments, pre/post hospitalisation, daycare procedures and domiciliary treatments.

Q: Does my health insurance policy cover diagnostic expenses?

Yes, most pre and post hospitalisation expenses (up to a particular number of days) are covered. They could range from X-rays, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound nursing, physicians to other diagnostic needs.

Q: Can I change my hospital during treatment?

Yes, you can, by providing necessary information for the timely claim process.

Q: What will happen to my insurance if the primary insured individual passes away?

The other adult may continue with the insurance policy and the sum insured will remain the same.

Q: How can I file a claim with Kotak Health Insurance?

  • Cashless claims (Planned hospitalisations): Visit cashless helpdesk at your hospital within 48 hours before hospitalisation. Fill-in the pre-authorisation form and provide all the necessary documents. In case of emergency hospitalisation, within 24 hours, approach the cashless helpdesk, fill-in the form and submit all the relevant details. If approved, your bills are settled by the insurer up to the approved limit at the time of discharge.
  • Reimbursement claims: If cashless does not get sanctioned, you can self-pay all the bills and later submit them for reimbursement.


Disclaimer: The information shared is purely indicative. Please refer to the policy wordings for most up-to-date and precise details.


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