General Motor India’s multi-utility vehicle (MUV) Chevrolet Tavera, a very elegantly crafted vehicle, combines a sports car’s power with multi-terrain vehicle’s robustness. Tavera traverses swiftly across tough terrains as well as steep roads. Chevy has well preserved the classy aesthetics it is known for by giving the exteriors of the MUV an edgy look with the help of dual-tone colours, compact front-grille, and distinct side-lines. Availability of sufficient bootspace andattractive interiors has also contributed to the popularity ofTavera.


Chevrolet Tavera: Specifications


Chevrolet Tavera Variants

Base 10 Str; Base 9 Str; Max 10 Str; Max 9 Str; LS 9 Str; LS 7 Str; LS 7C Str; LS 10 Str; and LT 9 Str

Engine Description

BS-III and BS-IV, 4 Cylinders,

2.5-litre Turbo Diesel Engine and 2.0-litre TDCi Diesel Engine with VGT

Engine Displacement

2499 cc and 1994 cc

Maximum Power

78 bhp @ 3800rpm

Maximum Torque


Length x Width x  Height

4,435mm × 1,680 mm × 1,765 mm


2,685 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank



Front: Double Wishbone With Independent Torsion Bar Spring and Anti-roll Bar; Rear: Semi-elliptical Leaf Spring

Brake System

Front: VentilatedDisc; Rear: Drum

Official Tagline

An Indian revolution


Chevrolet Tavera: Price


Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi):Starts at Rs.8,55,000/=. This MUV model might have expired. So, check with the dealer.


Chevrolet Tavera Car Insurance Coverage

Third-party Liability Insurance:

  • Covers bodily injury and/or death of third-party
  • Third-party property damage


Comprehensive Coverage

  • Third-party coverage
  • Loss and damage to your vehicle due to theft, natural calamities, accident,etc.
  • Personal accident coverage for the occupants


Chevrolet Tavera Insurance: Add-Ons for Improved Protection



The Zero Depreciation Cover, also known as Nil Depreciation Policy, entitles you to get full reimbursement for replacement of damaged plastic, rubber, fibre, or glass parts.




Cautious driving makes you eligible for a 20 to 50 percent discount(No-Claim Bonus) on your comprehensive policy premium for every claim-free year. Once you file a claim, you lose your bonus. The No-Claim Bonus Protection helps you to retain your bonus eligibility even if you file a claim.




This cover is a must if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall. It covers the expenses related to repairinga car’s engine if submersion in water damages it.




Roadside assistance cover is helpful when your car breaks down and you are stranded. In general, it covers costs related to towing, battery service, fuel delivery, lockout service, flat tire service,and extrication.


Chevrolet Tavera Insurance – Why Quickinsure?

When you exploreChevrolet Tavera insurance coston theQuickinsure website, you get to compare discounted and transparent quotes from top insurance providers.

Quickinsure has a team of service consultants, claims professionals, and after-sales relationship managers. They have the experience and expertise to help you get the best Chevrolet Tavera Insurance deals.


Chevrolet Tavera – Review

The Tavera has seen a lot of improvement over the years since its introduction and it has been provided with a cleaner, quieter, and stronger engine. Its suspension has been tuned to make it suitable for the Indian roads. Chevrolet Tavera’s excellent stability at higher speeds and easy manoeuvrability make it one of the most sought after MUVs in India. Further, the Tavera,which is equipped with a number of safety features, is one of the most comfortable vehicles todrive.


Chevrolet Tavera Insurance – FAQs


Q1: Is an unnamed passenger covered by my Tavera's comprehensive policy?

Cover for unnamed passengers can be included in your comprehensive insurance policy by making a small additional payment. This cover extends to co-passengers - family members, friends and colleagues.

Q2: Do insurance companies reject car insurance claims?

Under certain situations,an insurance company can reject a claim. They include:

  • Repairs are carried out prior to making a claim
  • The car is modified without intimating theinsurance company or the RTO
  • Failure to complete the transfer formalities to the next owner/ entity
  • Misleading the insurance company or not informing about the purpose of use

Q3: Electrical and non-electrical accessories – What are they? How to assess their value?

Electrical accessories include allnon-factory fitted electrical and electronic equipment. Some examples are music system, fog lights, LCD mini TV,etc. The car owner declares the value of these accessories.

Non-electrical accessories includeitems such asleather seats, mag wheels, CNG-kit, and other interior fittings. The invoice value of the accessories subject to an upper limit is covered.


Q4: Can I include add-ons only during renewals?

It is best to include additional covers at the time of renewal of your car’s policy. You caninclude add-ons online only when renewing your car insurance. You can contact your insurance company for mid-term add-on purchases.

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