The Chevrolet Forster was launched in India in 2004. It was essentially a rebadged version of the Subaru Forester and was supposed to kickstart the compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment in India. The car was imported as a completely knocked down kit (CKD) and was sold in very limited numbers. The Forester was discontinued in 2007. The car was available in the Obsidian Black, Regal Blue, Premium Silver Metallic and Core Red Metallic colour schemes.

Since the Chevrolet Forester retired 12 years ago and General Motors quit India in 2017, finding spare parts of the car could be difficult.

Chevrolet Forester: Specifications


The car was available in one variant

Engine Description

2.0-litre, 4-cylinder ‘Boxer’ type

Engine Displacement


Maximum Power

95kW (127PS) @ 5,600rpm

Maximum Torque

181Nm @ 3,600rpm

Length x Width x  Height

4,450mm x 1,735mm x 1,590mm



Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank



Front:McPherson strut type, independent with stabilizer bar and coil spring

Back:Dual link type, independent with stabilizer bar and coil spring

Brake System

Front: Disc

Rear: Drum


5-speed manual


Chevrolet Forester: Prices

Ex-showroom price (New Delhi): The Chevrolet Forester was priced at around ₹15,00,000(Prices may vary at the time of purchase).

Chevrolet Forester Car Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance: This is a basic car insurance policy and is mandatory by law in India. It pays for the damages inflicted upon a third-party individual or property due to a fault of the policyholder.

Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensivecar insurance is an all-inclusive policy that covers third-party damages/losses. It also includes protection from unforeseen losses arising from natural calamities, riots, thefts, fire and accidents.


Chevrolet ForesterInsurance: Add-On Covers

Zero depreciation: It’s also known as nil-depreciation cover. Such an add-on cover ensures that the policyholder gets full claim repairs carried out and/or parts changed. This add-on, however, is available only for cars up to three years old.

Roadside assistance (RSA): In case the car suffers a breakdown in the middle of a highway or a remote area, the RSA add-on cover can be of much help. RSA usually includes refueling, changing flat tyres, minor on-spot repairs, and even towing service to the nearest authorized garage.

No claim bonus (NCB) protection: The NCB is a discount given by the insurer to the policyholder for making no claims during the policy duration. NCB can be accumulated over the years and the discount typically ranges from 20 to 50 percent of the own damage premium.

Engine protection:This cover ensures that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket for the hugely expensive engine maintenance work that may be required. This add-on cover comes of immense help during heavy rains. The insurer pays for the repair/replacement of all major engine parts and electrical components.

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Chevrolet Forester– Review

The Chevrolet Forester was ahead of its times, launched by GM before the sports utility vehicle (SUV) frenzy caught up in the country. It was a pretty robust car and came with antilock braking system (ABS) and twin airbags as standard. It had electrically operated outside rear view mirrors and 505 litres of boot space. The Forester was highly regarded as a go-anywhere car. It earned praise because of its reliability and low maintenance cost.

Chevrolet Forester: FAQs

1. What is cashless insurance?

It is where the authorized motor garage is paid directly by the insurer for the repairs carried out. The policyholder only has to pay his/her share of the repair charges.

2. In which garage can I get my car repaired in case of an accident?

Every insurer has a list of networked garages where you can get a cashless claim.

3. What if I get my car repaired at an unauthorized garage?

You won’t get any insurance claim for carrying out repairs at such a garage. Worse still, it may void your policy.

4. Are any of the add-on covers mandatory?

No. It entirely depends on the policyholder about which add-on cover he/she takes.

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