Chevrolet Spark, an entry-level hatchback, has been successful in capturing a large number of customers in India. The US automaker General Motor’s India specific carChevy Spark comes with a decent power rating but doesnot feature advanced interior design.However,offers dependable safety features such as ABS, immobilizer, and SRS airbags, among others. Chevy Spark is powered by a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine and is available in more than 5 colours.


Chevrolet Spark: Specifications


Chevrolet Spark Variants

1.0 BS3; 1.0 LS BS3; 1.0; 1.0 LT BS3; 1.0 LS; 1.0 LS LPG; 1.0 PS LPG; 1.0 LT LPG; and 1.0 LT

Engine Description

BS-III, 4 Cylinders,

1.0-litre MPFI SMARTECH Engine

Engine Displacement

995 cc

Maximum Power

62.1 bhp @ 5400rpm

Maximum Torque

90.3Nm@ 4200 rpm

Length x Width x  Height

3,495mm × 1,495 mm × 1,518 mm


2,345 mm

Fuel Type

Petrol and LPG

Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank



Front: McPherson Struts With Anti-Roll Bar; Rear: Torsion Beam Axle

Brake System

Front: Solid Disc; Rear: Self-adjusting Drum

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Chevrolet Spark: Price

Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi):Starts at Rs.3,33,998/=. This car model might have expired. So, check with the dealer.


Chevrolet Spark Car Insurance Coverage


Third-party Liability Insurance

  • This is mandatory for all Indian vehicles
  • Covers third-party injuries and damages to property
  • No coverage for damages caused to your vehicle


Comprehensive Insurance

  • Not mandatory in India, but recommended
  • In addition to third-party liability coverage, it protects losses/damages to your vehicle


Chevrolet Spark Insurance: Add-Ons for Improved Protection

Zero Depreciation Cover – This add-on eliminates depreciation applicability. This means you get full reimbursement for all metal, fibreglass, and plastic parts replacement.

Engine Protection Cover–A comprehensive policy does not cover damages caused to the engine. This add-on is very important if you live in heavy rainfall or flood-prone area.

No-claim Bonus Cover – If you don’t file any claims in a year, you get a no-claim bonus when you renew your policy for the next year. You lose your eligibility for a discountif you file a claim. This add-on ensures eligibility even if you have a claim.

Roadside Assistance Cover–Stress and expenses associated with getting stranded due to breakdowns can be eliminated with this add-on. It coverstowing, repairs, emergency refuelling, and tyre changing costs.


Chevrolet Spark Insurance – Why Quickinsure?


When you exploreChevrolet Spark insurance coston theQuickinsure website, you get to compare discounted and transparent quotes from top insurance providers.

Quickinsure has a team of service consultants, claims professionals, and after-sales relationship managers. They have the experience and expertise to help you get the best Chevrolet Spark Insurance deals.



Chevrolet Spark – Review


Chevrolet Spark, a perfect car for city driving, is packed with not only style but also street smartness. It provides more features than what meets your eye. The 5-doorhatchback gives you many options to enter the vehicle and you can even load bicycles, instruments, and suitcases, among others. Its aerodynamic design gives the Chevy Spark a modern and sleekappearance.


Chevrolet Spark Insurance – FAQs


Q1: If I have a claim, when should it be registered?

Report the accident/incident as soon as it happens, if possible. Your safety and medical assistance are more important. If it is a total theft claim, the police and insurance company should be notified within 24hours.If delayed beyond 48 hours,you would be asked tofurnish clarification in writing.


Q2: Why should I buy add-ons?

Regular insurance covers most situations, butsome circumstances that are specific to regions, vehicles, and usage levelsare not covered.Such risks can be covered with the help of add-ons. They include heavy rainfall, flooding, etc.



Q3: What is the scope of the comprehensive policy I have for my Chevrolet Spark?

It protects youagainst loss/damage caused due to incidents/events such as:

  • Fire, lightning,explosion, or self-ignition
  • Burglary, housebreaking, or theft
  • Riot or strike
  • Shock and fire damage caused by an earthquake
  • Hurricane, tempest, inundation, flood typhoon,storm, cyclone, frost, hailstorm
  • Accidental external means
  • Malicious act
  • Terrorist activity
  • Land/rock slide
  • Whilein transit


Q4: Cashless insurance claim – What is it?

You can get your car repaired at garages approved by your insurance provider. You don’t have to pay any money. The insurance company settles the claimwith the garage.

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