Have you heard of the HDFC Ergo Optima Restore plan? It is an amazing medical insurance plan which can be customised as per your individual requirement. The health insurance plan is one of its kind. The insured sum gets restored when the policyholder makes a complete or partial claim on the health insurance cover.

The "Restore" benefit is the USP of this policy. Policyholders can enjoy a cover ranging between rupees 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

This health insurance cover is meant for you only. The company aims at keeping you fit and healthy so that you can further look after your near and dear ones.

What are the various expenses covered under the HDFC Ergo Optima Restore health insurance plan?

Policyholders prefer to buy the HDFC Ergo Optima Restore policy because of the expansive coverage that they get to enjoy with this plan. Let us walk you through this!

  • Pre as well as post hospitalisation expenses: The policy covers each and every pre-hospital admission charge for up to two months. The expenses incurred by the policyholder after discharge for 180 days are covered as well. The plan will cover up the diagnosis and consultation expenses too.
  • Hospitalisation charges: HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Optima restore offers complete coverage to your entire hospitalisation charges. Whether it is a minor injury or a severe disease, the policy will keep you financially safe and secure.
  • Emergency ambulance availability: In case of unforeseen events, you may need the ambulance service. In such a scenario, the policy covers you up to rupees 2000 for ambulance charges.
  • Day-care procedure expenditures: Get all your daycare expenses covered by HDFC Optima Restore Policy.
  • Tax saving opportunities: When you buy the HDFC Ergo Optima Restore policy, you get to enjoy tax benefits up to rupees 75,000.
  • Zero sub-limit on room rentals: You can choose the most comfortable room in the hospital while treatment. The policy offers complete coverage of room rentals.
  • Renewal of discounts: Try adding more than two members in a single Restore policy so that you can enjoy a discount of 10% on the premiums.
  • Lifetime renewals: The policy offers lifetime protection and enables the policyholder to renew the health insurance plan even after he/she is over 65 years of age.
  • Recovery advantages: Suppose you need to stay at the hospital for over 10 days in continuity because of your health condition. In that case, the HDFC Ergo Optima Restore Plan offers an amount of rupees 10,000 to cover up for the financial losses that might have happened at home because of your absence.
  • Latest treatment and healthcare facilities: The policy also offers coverage for the latest and modern treatments and procedures such as stem cell therapy, oral chemotherapy and so on.
  • Expenses related to organ donation: The policy also offers coverage for surgical and medical expenditures related to organ donation.

Why Should You Choose HDFC Optima Restore Policy?

  • 100% restoration of the policy benefits: Once you make a claim, all the benefits get restored instantly. The HDFC Ergo Optima restore benefits make the policy unique.
  • Free health check-ups: Complete health check-ups on a regular basis is necessary to keep a check on your health conditions. The policy offers complimentary health check-ups worth rupees 5,000.
  • Two times better benefits: If the policyholder does not make any claim for straight two years, then renewal incentives get added to his/her health insurance plan. Policyholders can enjoy 100% cover enhancement in the form of NCB.
  • Hospital cash on a daily basis: The plan also keeps you stress-free about unexpected hospitalisation expenses.


Q. What is the maximum coverage that I can get by having an HDFC Ergo Optima Restore policy?

Ans: The policy offers a maximum of rupees 50lakhs as the sum insured.

Q. What is the amount that I need to pay every month?

Ans: The premium is decided as per your selection of coverage and add-ons. You can take the help of experts who will guide you through different plans and add-on features to enhance your health insurance policy.

Q. How many times can I make a claim for the Restore Benefits of the policy in a single year?

Ans: You can make a claim once every year and make sure you renew your health insurance plan every year.

Q. Do I have to request the company to Restore the benefits of the plan?

Ans: Not at all! Once the claim you have made gets settled, the sum insured gets restored automatically.

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