FCA Italy, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, owns Abarth which was founded in 1949 by Carlos Abarth. Fiat bought Abarth in 1971 and re-launched the company as an independent entity in 2007 with the introduction of Abarth Grande Punto as well as Abarth Grande Punto S2000.Abarth India was launched in 2013. Abarth Punto is sold across the country by Fiat India.It is Abarth Punto’s powerful engine and attractive styling that helped it to stand out among its competitors.


Fiat Abarth Punto: Specifications

Fiat Abarth Punto Variants

Abarth T-jet Petrol (1.4)

Engine Description

BS-IV, Four Cylinders,

16 valve T-Jet petrol engine

Engine Displacement

1368 cc (Petrol Engine)

Maximum Power

145bhp @ 5000rpm

Maximum Torque


Length x Width x  Height

3,989mm × 1,687 mm × 1,525 mm


2,510 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

45 Litres


Front:Independent; Rear: Torsion Beam

Brake System

Front: Disc; Rear:Disc

Official Tagline

The steering wheel isn't just for steering. It's for holding on.


Fiat Abarth Punto: Price

Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi):Starts at Rs.9,67,082/=(At the time of purchase, the price may vary).


Fiat Abarth PuntoCar Insurance Coverage

The two different coverage options available are:

  • Third-party Liability Insurance– This is mandatory.It covers:
    • Deathand/or injurycaused to another person
    • Damages caused to another person’s property/vehicle
  • Comprehensive Insurance– This is optional. It covers:
    • Loss/damage to yourvehicle due to an accident, natural calamity, and theft, among others, in addition to third-party liability
    • It alsocovers the injury/death of the occupant


Fiat Abarth Punto Insurance: Add-Ons for Improved Protection

  • Zero Depreciation Cover (bumper to bumper/nil depreciation insurance) –Offerscomplete protection. The insurance company settles all claims for the replacement ofplastic/glass/rubber/fibre parts. Additional premium needs to be paid to include the add-on in your comprehensive insurance.
  • No-Claim BonusAdd-on–This add-on covers your eligibility for a no-claim bonus of 20 to 50 percent on thepremium payable during renewal. In the normal case, you will not be eligible for the bonus ifthere was a claim in the previous year.
  • Engine Protection Add-on – Submersion in water damages your Abarth Punto car’s engine. Repair costs can be very high. Including this add-on in your policy will help cover the repair costs.
  • Roadside Assistance Add-on– The possibility of you getting stranded because of a carbreakdown is always there. This add-on covers costs related toservices such as towing, repairs, tire changing, emergency refuelling, etc.


Fiat Abarth Punto Insurance – Why Quickinsure?

When you explore Fiat Abarth Punto insurance coston theQuickinsure website, you get to compare discounted and transparent quotes from top insurance providers.

Quickinsure has a team of service consultants, claims professionals, and after-sales relationship managers. They have the experience and expertise to help you get the best Fiat Abarth Punto Insurance deals.


Fiat Abarth Punto– Review

If you like raw power, then you should choose Abarth Punto. Its suspension is simply brilliant and, therefore, makes it the best car for highway driving. Abarth Punto does not only live up to its description "hot hatchback in India" but also exceeds expectations. As far as performance is concerned, its contenders don't even come close to it. It has the same platform as that of the old Punto, but it is the only hatchback that comes with disc brakes for the front and rear wheels.


Fiat Abarth PuntoInsurance – FAQs


Q1: The insurance policy for my Abarth car has expired. Do I have to present the car for inspection at the time of renewal?

Yes, it is mandatory to make your car available for inspection while renewing the policy. If you buy insurance through Quickinsure, we will send reminders so that you will never miss out on the renewal deadline.


Q2: I purchased a second-hand Abarth Punto car. Am I eligible to get No-Claim Bonus when renewing the policy?

Yes, you are eligible for the no-claim bonus. This is because it applies to the owner-driver and not the car. However, you should not have filed any claims in the prior year/years.


Q3:Is the Abarth Punto car insurance bought online valid?

Yes, insurance bought online for your car is valid. Benefits of buying online include:

  • Convenience and no paperwork
  • Premiums will be lower as agents are not involved
  • The Policy will be issued in minutes
  • Reminder for renewal of the policy


Q4: Can I opt for an add-on cover without a policy for my Abarth?

No, it is impossible. Add-ons canbe included only if you havea motor insurance policy.

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