What is car insurance?

Car insurance is an insurance policy which protects you, your car and an affected third party from financial losses arising out of an unforeseen incident.
As per the Motor vehicle act , it is mandatory in India to have at least a third party car insurance to drive vehicle on road. Having this valid mandatory car insurance prevents you from the hefty fines as well.There are several optional covers to choose from in a car insurance policy. These are zero depreciation cover, engine protector cover, return to invoice cover etc  
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Low Premiums
Enjoy low premium prices on top insurance coverage policies by getting your insurance online from Quickinsure with a discount on car insurance policy premiums as no middle agent is involved. Customers can choose the most affordable one among the various available policies that meets their requirements..
Zero Paperwork
One of the main advantages of getting your car insurance policy online is no paperwork is required. The entire process can be completed without any extra paperwork and required documentation can be completed online..
Stress-Free Claims
The customers can relax and remain stress-free when settling their claims as the entire process can be completed without any hassle in just a few easy steps..
Instant Claim Settlement
The insurance provider will settle the insurance claim as soon as possible after the completion of verification of the customer claim with Instant claim settlement..
24x7 Support
Customers can contact their insurance provider at any time 24x7 online. The customer service support is also ready to help them with their every need.
Get 20+ insurance quotes in a click
Just enter your vehicle registration number and get quotes from the entire insurance market within few seconds. You can compare, share and suggest the best quote to your customers..

How to Buy New Car Insurance Online with Quickinsure?

Buying a new car insurance policy online with Quickinsure is quite simple and hassle-free.

Step 1
Fill in your car details on the Quickinsure website or simply provide your car number..
Optionally you can provide your car details such as its make, model, RTO, NCB, and manufacturing year.

Step 2
Compare the best car insurance quotes from top insurance companies in India.
Based on the information provided by you, you can choose the best car insurance plans from top insurance companies in India..

Step 3
Make payment online.Pay the premium of car insurance directly to the insurance company and get the insurance policy instantly in your mailbox.


While planning to buy car insurance online with Quickinsure, you can choose from different types of car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance includes the third-party liability and damages caused to the car and its owner. This can be opted with add-ons like Zero depreciation , Engine protector, Return to invoice, Key replacement and roadside assistance to provide complete protection from financial losses.

Third Party Car insurance

Third-party car insurance covers the death, disability, and injury liability of third parties arising at the time of car accident. In India, third party insurance is mandatory while driving a vehicle as per the Motor Vehicle Act. In this way, this cover protects you from financial liability towards third parties..

Own Damage Cover

It is an insurance policy which helps vehicle owners remain protected against damages such as accidental, natural disaster, fire, explosion, etc. It is recommended if someone already has a third-party insurance protection plan as it generally doesn’t cover any third- party damages.

Third-party vs. Comprehensive Car Insurance:

The following table summarises the coverage of Comprehensive and Third-party Car Insurance


Third Party

Package Policy

Damages to Third-Party Vehicle

Damages to Third-Party Property

Personal Accident Cover (Optional)

Injuries/Death of a Third-Party Person

Damages/Losses to own car in case of a natural calamity

Damages/Losses to own car in case of fire

Damages/Losses to own car due to an accident

Theft of your car

IDV Customization

Coverage against depreciation

Extra protection with customized add-ons


What are Car Insurance Add-ons?

Add-ons in the comprehensive car insurance are the extra safeguards for your private car by paying the extra premium.

Following are some of car insurance add-ons.

1) Zero Depreciation cover in Car insurance

Zero depreciation cover also known as Nil Depreciation or Bumper to Bumper car insurance policy is a car insurance policy which protects you from claim on deprecation value basis. It means that in the event of car accident, the comprehensive car insurance only covers the depreciated value of the car but when you opt for zero depreciation cover , it provide the full coverage irrespective of depreciation. Most of the insurance companies provide zero depreciation cover till the five years.

2) Zero depreciation with Consumables cover in car insurance

Certain parts, as well as components of your car, are subject to wear and tear in the normal course of their use. These parts and components are classified as consumables as they can be used only for a certain period. Therefore, consumables meaning in car insurance is that these components are being used up by the car and cannot be reused. In other words, such parts become useless after they are used once or the car is dismantled for some reason. These consumables include the brake pad,  engine oil, lubricants such as grease, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, oil filters, radiator coolant, etc.

3) Return to invoice cover in Car insurance

Return to Invoice (RTI) insurance is an add-on cover that can be included in your car’s comprehensive insurance plan. It allows you to receive compensation in full (your car’s invoice value) if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen. This means going back to your car’s original value indicated on the invoice.

4) Engine Protection Cover in Car insurance

Engine protection cover in car insurance provides you the coverage for engine and gear box for any consequential damages. This could happen due to water regression, leakage of engine oil and undercarriage damages.

5) Road Side Assistance Cover in Car insurance

Road side assistance cover in car insurance provides the benefits of taking help in case of vehicle breakdown.

6) Tyre Protect Cover in Car insurance

Generally, the tyre damage isn’t covered in comprehensive car insurance unless the damage takes place in an accident. Tyre protect cover gives you the benefit to cover the tyre damages sucha s tyre burst, bulges and cuts.

7) Key Protection cover in Car Insurance

Key protection cover in car insurance provides the cover in the event of loss of keys or replacement of keys. This cover is also covers the cost of repairing the keys and key slot.

What is covered in Car insurance policy?

As per the standard car insurance policy, following cause of losses covered.
  • Damages or loss to the car that arises through accidents.
  • Covers the losses of incurred due to the theft of the car.
  • Damages or losses due the accidental fire.
  • Damages or losses that arise through the natural calamities such as floods, cyclones etc.
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third party Losses such as damages to the third party vehicle or property.

What’s not covered in car insurance policy?

As per the standard car insurance policy, following cause of losses not covered.
  • Damages or losses arising due to war and similar conditions.
  • Damages that arise when driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Damages that arise when driving without a valid license.
  • Damages that arise when car insurance policy is not active.
  • Regular wear and tear.

Benefits of buying car insurance with Quickinsure

  • Quicker Process:
  • Quickinsure offers its customers a quick and easy way to get a car insurance policy for their vehicle in just a few steps. The customer can easily visit the official website of Quickinsure and compare various available plans and get the one that meets their requirements.

  • Continuous Coverage:
  • By getting insurance from Quickinsure the customer can enjoy continuous coverage benefits with discounts and offers on long-term four-wheeler insurance policies.

  • Avoid Penalties:
  • Customers can avoid any penalties and fines by easily insuring themselves with a comprehensive car insurance policy online in just a few steps from Quickinsure.

    How To Renew Car Insurance Online?

    1: Research about the available insurance policy
    2: Choose a car insurance policy that meets your requirements.
    3: Provide your required details to the insurance provider.
    4: Get an add-on of your choice if required.
    5: Make the required payment for the insurance premium.

    How to File a Car Insurance Claim Online?

    1: Intimate your insurance provider.
    2: Submit all the required documents.
    3: Inspection and verification will be performed by the insurance provider.
    4:Take your vehicle to the nearest network or private garage for repair and servicing at your convenience.
    5: The amount will be settled by the insurance provider either directly with the network garage or will be reimbursed to the policyholder after submitting all the receipts based on the type of claim they have filed.

    Why Should You Renew Expired Car Insurance Immediately?

    Having a car insurance policy can not only help you avoid any unforeseen future risks but also help with mitigating any financial losses that may come with them. This is especially true when it comes to four- wheeler insurance. You can never know when you might need it so better be safe by renewing your expired car insurance immediately. Many times, the insurance provider offers a grace period based on the type of insurance policy of the vehicle to the owner during which they can easily renew their insurance policy by simply paying the required premium plus deductible charges. The owner can also browse for a new insurance policy instead of renewing their old one if they wish to by simply researching the one that they need and paying the premium amount after providing previous policy details.

    Benefits of Car Insurance Policy: Reasons to Make Purchase

    Car insurance policy has many benefits such as accident protection, third-party protection, legal liabilitieprotection, etc. By making sure you have an insurance policy you can not only protect your vehicle but alsyourself from any damage that may happen due to unfortunate circumstances on the road. This is why yoshould always make sure to get a comprehensive car insurance policy that can protect and safeguard yoagainst such risks and help with financial losses. Now you can easily get a car insurance policy online in just few steps from Quickinsure by visiting their official website and choosing from various available plans angetting the one that meets your requirements.

    How to Select the Best 4-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online?

    Factors that must be considered during buying a car insurance policy.

    Type of Policy
    If you choose third-party insurance, your premiums will be quite affordable. Whereas comprehensive plans can be a little costly.

    IDV of Vehicle
    IDV of the car directly affects the premium of car insurance. This also affects the claim amount.

    Every add-on has its prices and coverage therefore; the number of add-ons significantly affects the cost of a car insurance policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To buy car insurance online from Quickinsure, you need to follow these simple steps. Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page and select the car insurance. Step 2: Enter your vehicle registration number or continue without it. Step 3: Select from various car insurance plans with exclusive tailor-made quotes for you. Step 4: Select a suitable plan that meets your requirements, make the payment, and receive the policy in your inbox.
    Having car insurance can not only help one avoid various future risks but also help with any financial damage that may come with it. It can help meet the legal requirement of owning at least a third-party cover mandated by the government.
    One can be fined upto rupees 2000-4000 based on number of violiations and can be sentence to an imprisonment of upto 3 months for not holding car insurance while driving.
    Due to today's fast-paced life, one can easily forget to renew their car insurance policy on time. However, even if they miss getting their car insurance plan renewed before expiry they can still get it renewed till the next 90 days from the date of expiry. If one fails to do so then they will need to purchase a new car insurance policy.
    car insurance policy number is a unique 8 to 10-digit number generally written on your insurance policy document issued by the insurer. The policy number remains the same as long as it is active with the respective insurance provider.
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