Keep financial uncertainties at bay with Go Digit health insurance!

If you are looking for the best health insurance policy at an affordable price range, then without any doubt, opt for Go Digit health insurance. A premium health insurance company that comes with attractive features Go Digit is indeed the number one choice for two crore Indians.

What is a health insurance plan?

Let’s get to the basics. If you are new here and want to know about health insurance plans in detail, then we are here to help. Medical insurance and health insurance plans are the same thing. These plans come under the category of general insurance. They offer coverage in instances of medical emergencies and health issues.

When you have a health insurance policy, you basically stay protected against any type of unforeseen financial losses. Health insurance plans cover up the expenses that one incurs for critical illnesses, health check-ups, maternity expenses, pre and post hospitalization charges etc. You can customize your health insurance policy to increase the extent of the coverage.

Not sure whether to take a health insurance plan? These might help you make up your mind!

  • Heart diseases are a common health condition in India.
  • Remote working due to covid as well as sedentary lifestyle leads to multiple health issues.
  • Mental health issues are increasing at an alarming rate.
  • Medical treatments, operations and even medicines are way too expensive.
  • Cancer is also quite common in India, especially among the youth.
  • COVID 19 has made the health sector fragile and uncertain.

Digit health insurance

Go Digit group health insurance is one of the most popular health insurance companies in India. With a fan base of over two crores, Digit health insurance is going strong and is definitely here to stay for long. It is part of the Go Digit Insurance group and follows the same ideology – to keep insurance plans simple and easy to comprehend. All its health insurance policies, as well as claiming procedures, are absolutely straightforward and simple.

Why choose the Go Digit health insurance policy?

  • 25% higher sum insured: This is true, especially in the case of accidental hospitalisations and critical illnesses. There will be no additional charges.
  • Uncomplicated online procedure: They have kept everything simple and sorted. You can easily buy health insurance online or make a claim. All the procedures are paperless, swift, convenient and hassle-free. Also, they never demand hard copies.
  • No restrictions on room rent: You can opt for any room of your choice. There is no room rent restriction.
  • 0% copayment: Go Digit health insurance plans come with 0% copayment, which means the policyholder needs to pay nothing while placing claims.
  • Cumulative bonus: Health insurance Digitoffers a yearly cumulative bonus when policyholders do not place any claim in a year.
  • 2 times sum insured: In case the policyholder has exhausted his/her sum insured, and needs it once again in the same year, Go Digit refills that for him/her.
  • 6400+ network hospitals: Opt for cashless claims and bring your patient to any of these 6400+ network hospitals for a hassle-free, swift and cashless treatment.

Different types of Go Digit health insurance plans

  • The old and the wise: This health insurance plan has been customized for and dedicated to the senior populations. It includes benefits such as home hospitalisation, AYUSH treatment and much more. The policy actually understands the pulse of every senior citizen and offers relevant coverage.
  • The young and the restless: For all the youths out there, as well as nuclear families, this Digit health insurance plan is highly suitable. It is loaded with multiple advantages such as maternity benefits, 25% extra sum insured in case of accidental and critical illnesses etc. This policy is definitely a value-bomb. Besides, it is highly affordable.
  • The great Indian families: Protect yourself as well as your loving family with this unique health insurance plan by Go Digit. It comes with extra benefits like zone upgrade, refill sum insured, etc.


Q. How can I buy a Go Digit health insurance plan?

Ans: All you need to do is to visit their official website and choose a Digit health insurance plan as per your requirement. You can even take the help of an online broker.

Q. Do they provide free medical health check-ups at Go Digit?

Ans: When you renew your Digit medical insurance policy, they offer free health check-ups, given that the amount falls within the specified sum insured.

Q. Is there any specific health insurance plan meant for kids as well?

Ans: No. Go Digit right now does not have any relevant health insurance policy for kids. But children can definitely get the coverage under the insurance plans of their parents.

Q. Where can I check the Go Digit health insurance review?

Ans: You can check for Go Digit medical insurance review either on their official website or can refer to online brokerage sites as well for the same.

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