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    TATA Magic, a commercial, low-maintenance and highly fuel-efficient microvan is India’s first four-wheeler public passenger vehicle. Available in Diesel/CNG variants, it’s a part of the multi-utility vehicle (MUV) segment.


    TATA Magic’s Specifications

    Magic’s Variants

    Tata Magic Diesel 5 seater, Tata Magic Diesel 7 seater, Tata Magic CNG 5 seater and Tata Magic CNG 7 seater

    Engine Description

    4 Stroke, naturally aspirated, indirect injection, water-cooled diesel engine

    Engine Displacement

    702 cc

    Maximum Power

    16 hp@3,200 rpm and 21 hp@3,400 rpm

    Maximum Torque

    38 Nm@2,000 rpm and 49 Nm@2,200 rpm

    Length x Width x  Height

    3,790 x 1,500 x 1,845 mm


    2,100 mm

    Fuel Type

    Diesel & CNG

    Seating Capacity

    6 & 7

    Fuel Tank

    30 L


    Front & Rear- Parabolic leaf spring suspension with hydraulic double acting shock absorber

    Brake System

    Front-Disc, Vacuum Assisted Dual Circuit Hydraulically Activated, Rear-Drum, Vacuum Assisted Dual Circuit Hydraulically Activated

    Official Tagline

    Har Safar Mein Kahani Hai


    TATA Magic Prices

    Ex-showroom Prices (New Delhi):- 4.75-4.95 Lakhs (Please check precise details at the time of purchase).


    TATA Magic Insurance Coverage

    Third-party liability cover:The legally-mandatory basic car insurance protects you against third-party damages/losses. It does not cover your own-damages; however, it saves you from traffic fines.

    Comprehensive insurance: It is a highly-recommended car insurance cover that not only includes third-party policy features but also addresses the damages caused to you and your car.

    TATA Magic: Add-On Covers

    • Zero Depreciation: It usually comes with a comprehensive policy. Also called as nil depreciation or a bumper to bumper cover, it pays the entire cost of external repairs/replacement without considering any depreciation in the value of your car parts.


    • Roadside Assistance: Also called as RSA, the roadside assistance cover rescues you and provides immediate help when your car gets damaged during an accident, or you suffer bodily injuries.


    • No-Claim Bonus Protection: It allows you to save on your annual premium by offering a discount when you do not file a claim throughout the insurance period.


    • Engine Protection: It covers damages to the engine and compensates you for repairs or replacements of your engine or parts such as pistons and rods.


    TATA Magic: Why Quickinsure?

    Explore TATA motors insurance with Quickinsure by comparing TATA Magic insurance price and availing substantial discounts from various recognised insurance providers.

    Quickinsure’sseasoned, industry-experienced consultants, post-sales relationship, service managers and professional claims team are well-equipped to help you with all your TATA vehicle insurance needs.


    TATA Magic: Review

    TATA Magic comes with a seating capacity of 6-7 passengers. It provides excellent comfort, style, safety features and ensures a great driving experience.


    TATA Magic: FAQs

    Q: What is IDV?

    Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the maximum sum assured amount that the insurer would compensate for the claim. It changes every year after adjusting the depreciation and is used during your premium calculation.  


    Q: Can I transfer my no-claim bonus while changing the car insurance provider?

    Yes, at the time of renewal, you can.


    Q: What documents do I need to buy car insurance online?

    None, however, you may be asked to share your car registration/engine number, chassis number, previous policy number (optional), car manufacturing date, date/city of purchase and contact details. Also, you must have the car's RC book.


    Q: How can I find out which insurance provider and particular policy is suitable for me?

    You may compare multiple policies, features and prices from all the recognised insurance providers at and choose the one that satisfies your requirements.


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