The leading German luxury automobile manufacturer added the 6 Series Gran Turismo (GT) to its India portfolio in February. The model, according to BMW, is a ‘Tourer’ version of the current 5 Series sedan. The car is a more spacious and luxurious option to the 5 Series along with the added coupe-like looks. The rear seats have exhaustive knee room and superb thigh support. There’s lots of headroom. The 6 Series is for those hunting for a little extra space from the 5 Series but doesn’t want to compromise on a BMW.

BMW 6 Series: Specifications



630i Luxury Line, 620d Luxury Line, 630d M Sport

Engine Description

630i Luxury Line: 4-cylinder, 4-valve, TwinPower turbocharged, 2.0-litre petrol

620d Luxury Line: 4-cylinder, 4-valve, TwinPower turbocharged, 2.0-litre diesel

630d M Sport: 6-cylinder, 4-valve, TwinPower turbocharged, 3.0-litre diesel

Engine Displacement

630i Luxury Line:1,998cc

620d Luxury Line: 1,995cc

630d M Sport: 2,993cc

Maximum Power

630i Luxury Line: 255 bhp @ 5,000rpm

620d Luxury Line: 188 bhp @4,000rpm

630d M Sport: 265 bhp @ 4,000rpm

Maximum Torque

630i Luxury Line: 400Nm @1,550rpm

620d Luxury Line: 400Nm @ 1,750rpm

630d M Sport: 620Nm @ 2,000rpm

Length x Width x  Height

5,901mm x 1,902mm x 1,538mm



Fuel Type

Petrol, diesel

Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

66 litres


Front: Double track control, aluminium arm axle, separate lower track arm level, traverse force compensation, anti-dive, small steering roll radius

Back: Five-link axle aluminum lightweight construction, air suspension double elastic bearing, automatic self-leveling

Brake System

 Front and rear disc brakes


8-speed automatic


BMW 6 Series:Price

Ex-showroom price (New Delhi): The BMW 6 Series is priced between ₹64.9 lakh to ₹75.89 lakh. Customers should check the exact price in their cities before buying.

BMW 6 Series Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance: This is the most basic car insurance and is mandatory by law. It covers damages caused to third-party life and property because of negligence on part of the policyholder while using the car.

Comprehensive insurance: It is the highest level of security you can avail for your car. It covers losses arising out of theft, fires, riots, natural calamities and similar incidents. The premium is marginally higher than that of a third-party policy.

BMW 6 Series Add-On Covers

Zero depreciation: This is also known as bumper-to-bumper coverage. It pays for the full cost of external body repairs and/or replacement of the car, without considering the depreciated value.

Roadside assistance (RSA): The RSA cover is of immense help in emergency situations. The cover can be bundled into the comprehensive insurance policy. In most cases an RSA attracts a small premium over and above the existing coverage.

No claim bonus (NCB) protection: An NCB protection is a discount offered when the customer doesn’t claim compensation during the policy period. It fetches around 20 percent discount on the premium payable for the next year.

Engine protection: The engine protection cover is an add-on facility on the comprehensive car insurance policy. It compensates repair/replacement of engine parts like connecting rods, pistons, valves and similar components.

BMW 6 Series Insurance – Why Quickinsure?


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BMW 6 Series Review

The BMW 6 Series GT boasts of a spacious, ultra-comfortable cabin. The dual-tone black-beige theme with the brushed silver trim lends a premium look to the car. The oversized glass area and the panoramic sunroof further enhance the spaciousness. Thewide touchscreen unit offers great resolution and quick frame rates. The car’s handling is perfect for those long highway drives.

BMW 6 Series: FAQs

Q: How does the RSA cover work?

In the event of a breakdown, call the insurer’s helpline and they will arrange for the repair/towing of your vehicle.

Q: What are the benefits of buying a car insurance online?

There is no paperwork or lengthy documentation involved when you buy your car insurance online.

Q: How do I register a claim?

To register a claim, you can go to your insurance company’s website and follow the procedure. Alternatively, you call the customer care department and do as per their advice. If the insurance company offers a mobile app, you can file your claim through the same.

Q: How long does it take to get the claim?

Most car insurance policies are now cashless. The amount is paid directly to the garage.

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