United India two-wheeler insurance offers liability-only and package policies to bring all-round protection for you, your bike or scooter and cover third-party liabilities.

  • Cashless Claims.
  • Multiple Add-ons.
  • NCB Benefits.

Two-wheeler insurance policies from United India Insurance Company Limited serve millions across the country through 3,100+ network garages, round-the-clock customer support and other practical offerings.

United India Bike Insurance Features  & Advantages

  • Third-party liability and comprehensive covers.
  • Own-damage cover for protection against fire, thefts and accidents.
  • Addresses physical hurt to individuals and liabilities to third parties when their property gets damaged due to your bike/scooter/auto-cycle accidents.
  • Compensates losses occur because of natural calamities such as storms, cyclones, typhoons, earthquakes, hailstorms, inundation or lighting and human-made incidents like riots or terrorist attacks.
  • A gamut of add-ons.
  • No-claim bonus, up to 50%.

United India Insurance Bike Insurance Policies

  • Liability-only Policy: Legally mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.
  • Also called third-party-liability-only low-premium insurance.
  • Protects you against damages, bodily harms, injuries or death of third parties because of accidents involving your bike or scooter.
  • A personal accident covers for driver/owner.
  • Package Policy: Takes care of all the legal liabilities arising out of bodily injuries to and/or property damages of third parties due to accidents involving your ride.
  • Covers accidental losses/damages to your bike or scooter caused by fire/explosion, self-ignition/lightning, burglaries, thefts, riots, strikes, earthquakes (fire/shock damages), floods, storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tempest, inundation, hailstorms, frost, cyclones, malicious/terrorist activities, whilst in transit by road/rail, inland waterways, lifts/elevators/air, landslides and rockslides.
  • A personal accident cover for driver/owner.

United India 2 Wheeler Insurance Major Exclusions

  • Contractual liabilities.
  • Consequential losses.
  • Depreciation.
  • Wear/tear.
  • Mechanical/Electrical breakdowns.
  • Claims outside the geographical area specified in the insurance policy.
  • Losses/damages when the two-wheeler is driven by an individual without a valid driving licence.
  • Driving under the influence of liquor/drugs.
  • Wars and nuclear perils.

United India Insurance Bike Policy Discounts

  • Voluntary Discounts: Applicable if you choose to pay the minimum amount at the time of claim settlement.
  • No-claim Discounts: If you do not make any claims throughout the year, you get a discount of 20% on the premium of the second year. It can go up to 50% for consecutive claims-free years. 

United India Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

The premium for your United India bike insurance policy is based on factors such as the make/model, city, registration date, add-ons and the use of electrical or non-electrical accessories.

You can use established online insurance comparison portals like Quickinsure.co.in to explore United India bike insurance prices, and simplify and speed up the process of buying a bike or scooter insurance.


United India Bike Insurance Renewal & Application

One can apply for a new United India two-wheeler policy or prefer United India insurance two-wheeler renewal by viewing and comparing quotes online through premier insurance comparison platforms such as quickinsure.co.in.


United India Bike Insurance Review

United India Insurance Company’s expertise is driven by 83 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of what Indian customers want. It is widely regarded as the most preferred insurance provider with global footprints and continues to grow as a trusted brand for transparent and feature-rich two-wheeler policies.

United India Insurance Two-wheeler Policy FAQs

Q: Are some two-wheelers not eligible for United India two-wheeler insurance?

Any owner who has registered his/her bike or scooter with the RTO-Regional Transport Authority in India can purchase United India’s two-wheeler policy.

Q: Is there a specific limit on the period of two-wheeler insurance with United India?

The coverage period can vary from 1 to 5 years.

Q: What is the maximum percentage of No-claim discount that can be earned on my own-damage premium?

Up to 50% for five consecutive claim-free years.

Q: What is the helpline number for United India Insurance?

1800 425 333 33.


Disclaimer: The information shared is purely indicative. Please refer to the policy wordings for the most up-to-date and precise details.


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