The Chevrolet Beat was an entry-level hatchback that mostly came with a number of diesel engine options. Introduced in 2009, the Beat was based on the third-generation Daewoo Matiz and was introduced in India in 2010. The car was discontinued in 2018 when the General Motors-owned brand wound up its India operations.

The Chevrolet Beat, in terms of design and style, had a rather sporty and aggressive look with sleek graphics and a sturdy build. The dual split grille, body toned bumpers, halogen headlamps, and fog lamps added to the car’s sporty appeal.


Chevrolet Beat: Specifications


Petrol: PS, LS

Diesel: LS, LT, Activ, LTZ

The car also had a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) version

Engine Description

Petrol: 1.2-litre, dynamic overhead camshaft (DOHC), inline 4-cylinder, turbocharged inter-cooled (TCIC), and front-wheel drive (FWD)

Diesel: 1.0-litre, inline 4-cylinder, TCIC

Petrol-LPG:1.2-litre, DOHC, inline 4-cylinder, TCIC with LPG kit

Engine Displacement

936cc and 1,199cc

Maximum Power

43kW (57PS) @ 4,000rpm and  60kW (80PS) @ 6,200rpm

Maximum Torque

142.5Nm @ 1,750rpm and 108Nm @4,400rpm

Length x Width x  Height

3,640mm x 1,595mm x 1,520mm



Fuel Type

Petrol, diesel, LPG

Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

35 litres


Front:McPherson Struts

Back:Compound Crank Type

Brake System

Front: Ventilated Disc

Rear:Self-Adjusting Drum


5-speed manual


Chevrolet Beat: Prices

Ex-showroom price (New Delhi): ₹4,97,000-₹5,61,00 (New models of the car are not available in the market since production has stopped. Customers are advised to check the exact price before buying).

Chevrolet Beat CarInsurance Coverage

Third-party insurance: The third-party insurance coverage is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act (1988). Such a policy, in case of an accident, reimburses the damages suffered by a third party, which may be an individual, a group of persons, or property.

Comprehensive insurance: The comprehensive insurance on Chevrolet Beat not only includes third-party coverage, it also provides end-to-end protection of your vehicle. The coverage includes losses arising out of natural disasters, thefts, riots, vandalism and similar events.

Chevrolet Beat:Add-On Covers

Zero depreciation: This cover pays for the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of the components replaced in case of an own damage claim. Zero depreciation can be usually availed for maximum two claims during the policy tenure.

Roadside assistance (RSA): It’s a useful add-on coverage that provides 24x7 services like towing, refueling, changing flat tyres, arranging a mechanic’s service, and battery related problems in case of a breakdown. Customers have to call the insurer’s helpline to avail the service in case of an emergency.

No claim bonus (NCB) protection: The NCB is a discount given by the insurer to the policyholder for making no claims during the policy duration. NCB can be accumulated over the years and the discount typically ranges from 20 to 50 percent of the own damage premium.

Engine protection: This is an important cover for new car owners, particularly high-end vehicles. It reimburses even those engine repairs that are not related to accidents. Engine protection is beneficial for those living in flood-prone areas where waterlogging increases the chances of engine damage. 

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Chevrolet Beat:Review

The Chevrolet Beat was a good looking was with funky styling. General Motors (GM), besides timely upgrades, launched a facelift version in 2014. The car’s powerful diesel motor was jointly developed by GM and Fiat and was widely considered the most fuel efficient in its segment. It had good colour options, commendable engine performance and was competitively priced.

Chevrolet Beat: FAQs

1. What is the duration of a car insurance policy?

One year. The policy must be renewed within that time to ensure seamless coverage.

2. What are the benefits of buying a car insurance online?

No paperwork and physical documentation is required. Renewal is instant.

3. Is motor insurance transferable if I sell my car?

Yes. The policy is fully transferable by passing an endorsement in the name of the new buyer if you sell your car.

4. Can an expired policy be renewed?

Yes. It can be renewed online by filling up a self inspection application form and uploading the car papers.

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