Hero and Honda manufactured a lot of bikes together before 2010, and most of them were very successful. One of them is the Hero Honda CD Dawn that came to the market in the year 2003 in a pocket-friendly price range. In a short time, the bike gained a lot of popularity in the market, and people started to buy it. It came with a 100 cc very powerful engine and smooth handling that made people choose it over other bikes in the segment.


Hero Honda CD Dawn came with five different color variants such as Purple, Red, Maroon, Black, and Silver. The powerful engine and low budget made it a popular bike back in the time. The bike was mostly chosen by daily workers and office goers at the time as a mileage bike. The silver alloy and silver mudguard gave the bike a very good shiny look. 


Hero Honda CD Dawn: Specifications


CD Dawn’s Variants

Hero Honda CD Dawn 100

Engine Description

4 Stroke Single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC

Engine Displacement

97 cc

Maximum Power

7.7@7500 BHP@RPM

Maximum Torque

7.55@ 6000 Nm@rpm

Length x Width x height

1965 mm x 720 mm x 1045 mm


1235 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

10.5 litre


Front: Telescopic forks, Rear: Twin spring shock absorbers

Brake System

Front: 130mm Drum Brake, Rear: 110mm Drum Brake

Official Tagline

DhakDhak Go


Hero Honda CD Dawn Prices

Ex-showroom, New Delhi: Hero Honda CD Dawn Drum Brake – Rs. 37,000

Hero Honda CD Dawn Insurance Coverage


  1. Third-Party Coverage - This insurance coverage is mandatory in India for every bike owner to get compensation for expenses towards the damages in a third party’s property or body injuries in case of accidents. The amount of this insurance is limited to 1 lakh. 
  2. Standalone Own-Damage Coverage - This insurance covers all the damages to the bike of the owner due to an accident or any other events. You will get the coverage based on the terms and conditions of the policy.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage - This is an insurance policy for the bike that offers complete protection, including third-party or standalone coverage. It provides very good coverage in case of an accident or mishap.

Hero Honda CD Dawn Insurance: Add-On Covers

Zero Depreciation - By default, the depreciation value of the bike becomes the responsibility of the owner, and the insurance company deducts the amount at the time of the insurance claim. With this add-on coverage, you will be able to get the value of your bike that depreciated during the use of the bike.

Roadside Breakdown Assistance - It helps to get the coverage of necessary assistance in the middle of your journey. You will be able to get assistance with low fuel or any mechanical issues from the insurance company.

Engine & Gear Protection - As the name suggests, this is an add-on that helps to provide protection against any damages that happened to the engine of the bike. It covers internal damages to the engine and other external damages from accidents.

Invoice Protection: Provide you the amount of additional charges like registration charges, road tax charges, and others. Most of these charges get deducted while receiving IDV (Insured Declared Value) during total damage or theft.

CD Dawn Insurance: Why Quickinsure?

While there are plenty of insurance companies provide multiple policies for Hero Honda CD Dawn, why choose Quickinsure? Well, as the name suggests, this insurance company helps you to know the prices of different companies and compare them. They help to find out some of the best policies easily.

The discounted price on the policies will help a lot to save money. Professional consultants, managers, excellent after-sales service, and others help a lot. It helps to find the best deal very easily based on requirements.

Hero Honda CD Dawn: Review

In the year 2003, Hero Honda CD Dawn was introduced, and in a very short time, this bike triumphed in the market. The powerful engine with low price made it a favorite combo for people. Like many other bikes that Hero and Honda manufactured together, this one is very popular.

Some of the best things about the bike include a heavy-duty engine, great looks, color variety, durable service that gave an appealing expression to the people. Before the bike was discontinued in 2014, it won millions of hearts in India. It was one of the first value for money or low budget bikes with a lot of features.

Hero Honda CD Dawn Insurance: FAQs

Q. How to find out the best insurance company for Hero Honda CD Dawn?

Instead of visiting all the websites, get all the prices of different policies for your Hero Honda CD Dawn in Quickinsure.co.in. You can also compare the prices and features of different insurance policies and receive great discounts on the policies.

Q. Having insurance mandatory for bikes?

Yes, having a third party coverage insurance is mandatory for every bike owner in India. There are some other insurance policies that you can either choose to take or not.

Q. What is the average mileage of Hero Honda CD Dawn?

The mileage of the Hero Honda CD Dawn depends a lot on the condition of the bike. It might not give much mileage if not properly maintained or as a new, but the average damage of the bike is around 75km.

Q. Is it worth having add-on policies for the Hero Honda CD Dawn?

With an insurance policy, you will be able to get a portion of the money that you paid in case of an accident or other events. However, a lot of charges will be deducted from the claim price if you do not include add-on policies in it. Add-ons help to get the full protection and maximum money back in case of any mishap to the bike. So, it is worth having add-on coverages for your Hero Honda CD Dawn.

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