Hero Glamour comes in the category of the most selling bikes of the company. The popularity of this bike has increased a lot since it entered the market. This bike first came into the market in 2005, when the brand was Hero Honda. Over the years, many variants came of Hero Glamour with new features and specifications.

The evolution of the bike helped it to stay loved by the people and top of the 125cc segment. From Hero Honda Glamour 125, many versions came over the years, such as 2009 with alloy wheels and graphic improvements, 2012 as Hero Glamour ASFS, 2017 as Hero Glamour i3s, and 2020 with new looks, other improvements.


Hero Glamour: Specifications

Hero Glamour’s Variants

Hero Glamour 125 FI Drum, Hero Glamour Blaze Edition, Hero Glamour 125 FI Disc, Hero Glamour Blaze Edition Disc Brake

Engine Description

Fuel Injection, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke,

Engine Displacement

124.7 cc

Maximum Power

8 Kw (10.73 hp) @ 7500 Revolutions per minute (rpm)

Maximum Torque

10.6 Nm @ 6000 Revolutions per minute (rpm)

Length x Width x height

2051 mm x 720 mm (Drum), 743 (Disc) x 1074 mm


1273 mm

Fuel Type


Seating Capacity


Fuel Tank

10 litre


Front - Telescopic Front Forks (Travel 120mm), Rear - 5 Step Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers (Travel 81mm)

Brake System

Front Brake Disc 240 mm, Front Brake Drum 130 mm, Rear Brake Drum 130 mm

Official Tagline

Hum Main Hai Hero


Hero Glamour Price

Ex-Showroom Price, New Delhi:

Hero Glamour 125 FI Drum – Rs. 72,450

Hero Blaze Edition – Rs. 73,650

Hero Glamour 125 FI Disc – Rs. 75,950

Hero Glamour Blaze Edition Disc Brake – Rs.77,150

Hero Glamour Insurance Coverage

There are mainly three different types of insurance policies available:

  1. Third-Party Coverage: For all the bike owners, having this bike insurance is mandatory. It helps to cover all the third-party damages of the property or any injuries to the body in case of an accident. The coverage limit of this policy is limited to 1 lakh. 
  2. Standalone Own-Damage Coverage : It covers all the damages to the bike in the events of accidents and others. It is not mandatory like the third party coverage, but most bike owners use it for full protection of the bike.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: If you want to get both of the coverages mentioned above, then this is the best insurance policy. It will help you to get compensation without any hassle from the company in accidents or other events.

Hero Glamour Insurance: Add-On Covers

NCB Cover - No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a very popular add-on that helps to provide discounts as a reward to the customers. This offer is valid for the users who did not claim during the entire time of the insurance policy. Based on the time of claim-free years, the discount is offered to the customers. 

Engine Protection - The engine is no doubt one of the most important parts of a bike and also a vulnerable one. With the help of this add-on, you will be able to get full insurance for your bike’s engine. From physical damage to leaked lubricant damage, you will be able to get the full protection.

Zero Depreciation - With the normal insurance policies, you will not be able to get the depreciation cost of the bike. It will be deducted at the time of claiming the insurance. This add-on can help you to add the depreciation money of using your bike in the time in the insurance.

Invoice Protection - This add-on comes very handy in the case of a stolen or more than 70% damaged bike. Generally, the bike owner gets IDV (Insured Declared Value), which is far less than the invoice price. Invoice protection can help you to fill the gap and get all the return of your money.

Hero Glamour Insurance: Why Quickinsure?

Looking for bike insurance on different websites takes a lot of time. Choosing Quickinsure helps to compare all the different insurance policies from various well-known companies to get the best one. It helps a lot to easily get the best policy for you based on your requirements.

Another very good thing about Quickinsure is that it provides discounts on the prices. There is no requirement of filling forms to find the best insurance. The process is very simple in choosing insurance from this website, which makes it perfect to save a lot of time.

Hero Glamour: Review

In India, Hero Glamour has ruled the market since 2005 with different variants over the years. All the Glamour owners are very happy with the service and driving experience of the bike. Over the years, the bike has evolved a lot and introduced new features, that helped to stay the bike top of the most selling bike list in the 125cc segment.

The powerful engine, great handling, high mileage makes it very good for both short and long runs. Till this day, Hero Glamour is available in all the major cities and comes in most selling bike lists in the country.

Hero Glamour Insurance: FAQs

Q. Which is the best Insurance for Hero Glamour?

The best insurance for a bike depends on the bike owner and their opinion. However, having comprehensive coverage is the best way to ensure the safety of both your money and the bike. Many add-ons can help you to stay worry-free about different parts of the bike.

Q. How to find the best insurance company and best policy at the lowest price for a two-wheeler?

Visit Quickinsure.co.in to get the best policies from reputed insurance companies on a two-wheeler. The website helps you to compare the prices of different policy providers and offers discounts on the prices. It helps to avoid all the forms and formalities and get the best insurance policy very fast.

Q. Which is the best Hero Glamour model or variant in 2020?

There are a total of 4 variants available for the Hero Glamour bike in 2020, such as Hero Glamour 125 FI Drum, Hero Glamour Blaze Edition, Hero Glamour 125 FI Disc, Hero Glamour Blaze Edition Disc Brake. The main difference among all of them is the brake and FI system. So, you need to choose one based on your choice between drum brakes and disc brakes or FI system and non-FI system.

Q.  Which add-on coverage is the best among all the available ones?

All of the add-ons are very important to provide the best return for your money and keep the bike safe. You need to choose one based on your bike's condition and requirement.


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