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    Hero Achiever is one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India that is known for providing great mileage and durability. This is a 150cc two-wheeler that is very popular among college students and office goers. The bike is very comfortable and stylish that makes it perfect in the segment.

    With a powerful 149cc engine, five-speed gearbox, and different color options such as Magnetic Blue, Candy Blazing, Black, Palace Maroon, Force Silver Metallic, and many more. Being a Hero bike, it gained huge popularity throughout the major cities in India.


    Hero Achiever: Specifications


    Achiever’s Variants

    Hero Achievers Drum Brake, Hero Achiever Disc Brake

    Engine Description

    Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC

    Engine Displacement

    149.1 cc

    Maximum Power

    10 KW (13.4 BHP)

    Maximum Torque

    12.80 N-m @ 5000 RPM

    Length x Width x height

    2060 x 763 x 1086 mm


    1290 mm

    Fuel Type


    Seating Capacity


    Fuel Tank

    13 Litre


    Front - Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers

    Rear - Swing Arm with adjustable Shock Absorber

    Brake System

    Front Brake Disc - Hydraulic Disc - 240 mm Dia, Internal Expanding shoe type -130 mm Dia

    Rear Brake Disc - Internal expanding shoe type 130 mm Dia

    Official Tagline

    Hum Main Hai Hero


    Hero Achiever Prices


    Ex-showroom, New Delhi:

    Hero Achiever Drum Brake - Rs. 65,900

    Hero Achiever Disc Brake   - Rs. 67,900


    Hero Achiever Insurance Coverage


    There are mainly three types of coverage available for two-wheelers insurance policies: 

    1. Third-Party Cover: This is a mandatory bike insurance policy for every bike owner in India. This insurance covers all the liabilities that are the third party including damage to property up to around Rs. 1 lakh.
    2. Standalone Own-Damage Cover - Like the third party coverage, this one is not mandatory for the bike owners. However, it is very important for all the bike wonder as it helps to compensate for the damages of the two-wheeler.
    3. Comprehensive Cover - As the name suggests, this insurance policy covers both third party and own damages to the bike in case of any mishap. It is the most hassle-free option to have full protection for the bike.


    Hero Achiever Insurance: Add-On Covers


    Zero Depreciation: Depreciation term is used to mean the over time value reduction of an asset. Generally, the bike owner gets to bear the amount of depreciation cost by default. At the time of claiming insurance, this value gets deducted from the claim amount. This add-on helps to shift the whole responsibility to the insurance company. So, the zero depreciation or bumper to bumper coverage helps to provide 100% coverage for depreciation except for tubes, tires, batteries, which are covered 50%.


    Invoice Protection: Both the comprehensive plan and standalone insurance plan covers all the damages that sustained to bike from natural calamities, road accidents, theft, fire, riots, and many more. When the bike is more than 70 damaged and beyond repair, stolen, the insurer gets IDV (Insured Declared Value), which is less than the invoice amount of the bike. This add-on will help you to get the full invoice amount instead of the IDV.


    No Claim Bonus (NCB): This is a reward provided by the insurance companies to the customers for discounts on the premium amount of own-damage insurance policy. This reward is awarded when no claim has been made during the time of the insurance policy period. Based on claim-free years, reward discounts are awarded between 20% to 50%.


    Engine Protection - As the name suggests, this add on is very helpful to ensure the coverage of damages to the bike’s engine. As the engine is vulnerable to damages, this add-on will help to get compensation for any damages to the engine. From oil leakage to physical damage in the gearbox, all come under this add-on coverage.  

    Achiever Insurance: Why Quickinsure?


    Compared to all the other insurance prices that are available in the market, you will be able to get a lot of discounts. Also, Quickinsure helps to avoid all the forms and formalities to make the process easier. 


    The managers, staff, and full team of Quickinsure is very helpful and active. They will help you and assist you with all the queries and processes of the Hero Achiever Insurance policy. 


    Hero Achiever: Review


    Hero Achiever is one of the hit two-wheeler models of hero that made a huge name in the industry. This stylish mileage bike is also very popular in other countries apart from India. The 2015 Hero Achiever is BS-IV compliant and waiting for the BS-VI update along with fuel injection that will help to improve the performance and mileage.


    This bike is one of the first bikes of Hero that came in the 150cc segment. Although the bike is boring in looks, it is very durable and provides great mileage. Many people have chosen a Hero Achiever for daily use and comfort journey in a short distance.


    Hero Achiever Insurance: FAQs


    Q: Is Hero Achiever available in the market?

    The Hero Achiever was first introduced in 2006 and got available in the market in 2008. In 2015, they relaunched the bike with some changes in the design of the bike. It got discontinued in 2017 and not available in the market anymore.


     Q: Which is the best plan for the Hero Achiever bike in India?

    Comprehensive coverage is the best insurance policy for Hero Achiever that will cover all the damages including the third party and standalone. It is the best plan that helps the owner stay worry-free from all the damages to the bike.


    Q: Oil leakage damage to the engine comes under Engine Protect policy?

    Yes, the damage caused to the engine by the leaked oil comes under this add on policy. So, make sure to have this add-on policy to get the full coverage amount of the engine.


    Q: How to choose the best insurance provider for Hero Achiever?

    You need to choose an insurance provider that offers different policies at discount. You can compare all the insurance companies and their policies at to find the best one for you.