Add-ons are extra covers that help you extend the coverage of your tenure in return for an additional premium. Buy these add-on covers along with your United India car insurance policy to get insurance coverage for your car. Compare plans now.

Nil Depreciation Cover

With this add-on cover, in case of a claim on your vehicle, you will receive full value for your car and all of its spare parts; depreciation will be covered by the insurer. This add-on cover is also known as ‘bumper to bumper’ or ‘zero-depreciation cover. This is a highly recommended cover for new vehicles.

Return to Invoice Cover

In case of total damage, the policyholder will be compensated up to the invoice value of the car, instead of the IDV. This cover helps the policyholder to bridge the gap between the IDV and invoice value of the car. This cover is highly recommended for new vehicles and premium or top-end cars. Know more about Return to Invoice cover in car insurance.

Engine and Gearbox Cover

This add-on covers any damage caused by lubricating oil leaks, water entering the engine, and other factors that might harm the engine and the gearbox. If you live in a flood-prone area, this addon cover is a must-have for your car. Read more about the benefits of the engine protector cover.

Courtesy Car Cover

If the insured car meets with an accident or suffers a total loss, this add-on will provide reimbursement of expenses incurred for the hire of a rental vehicle. Up to1,000 per day is reimbursable for a maximum of 7 days.

Electronic Fittings Cover

This add-on offers coverage for the cost of repair of electrical or electronic accessories that were not a part of the manufactured car.

CNG Kit and Bi-Fuel Kit Cover

In the event of an accident, this add-on covers the cost of repair or replacement of the CNG or Bi-fuel system of your car.

Fiber Glass Fuel Tank Cover

This cover insures the Fibre Glass Fuel Tank of the insured’s car.

Medical Expenses Cover

This add-on provides for expenses incurred towards hospitalization arising from a road accident for all injured occupants in the insured vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I buy United India car insurance add-on coverage and include them in my plan?

You can buy car insurance add-on covers at the time of purchase or renewal of the policy by paying a little extra premium. Compare plans now.

2. Can I add more than one addon cover to my insurance policy at a time?

Yes! There is no limit to how many add-ons covers you can include in your insurance policy.

3. Will car modifications affect my insurance premium?

The modification that alters your car’s performance or changes its safety parameters will unfavorably affect your insurance premium. The premium for modified cars is often high. You must notify the insurer immediately if you make modifications to the insured car.

4. Which addon cover is a must-buy for my new car?

The add-on covers that are highly recommended for brand new and top-end cars are the Zero Depreciation cover and Return to Invoice cover. Check premiums and compare plans for these addons with Quickinsure Premium Calculator today.

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