Get some extra protection for your beloved car. Buy these add-on covers with your Edelweiss car insurance and get an enhanced cover for your vehicle.

Depreciation Protect

This cover is also known as zero or nil depreciation cover. The Depreciation Protect cover eliminates the policyholder’s liability towards depreciation. Edelweiss General Insurance Company provides this cover for vehicles up to 7 years of age. To get the complete benefit of this addon, make sure that the vehicle is repaired at an authorized garage.

NCB Protect

NCB Protector addon helps you to protect your no-claim bonus even after claiming during the existing policy period. This add-on benefit is applicable only if renewal is done with Edelweiss. This add-on is recommended if you have a brand-new car.

Engine Protect

The engine is your car’s most important part. It is extremely essential to keep the engine well maintained. Even the smallest repairs to the engine may turn out to be quite expensive. Generally, your car insurance policy will only cover the engine damages if they are caused by an accident. If you buy this addon, your engine and your pockets are guaranteed 360-degree protection. The add-on covers all types of damages caused due to water ingression or oil perils in the engine or gearbox, including the cost of labour required for repairs or replacement.

Invoice Value Protect

It is recommended to buy this addon if you have a new car or a high-end car. In event of total loss or constructive total loss or theft of the car, the insurer will pay the full listed showroom price of the vehicle or provide a replacement in the form of the same or an equivalent car model. This compensation will cover the cost of registration charges and road tax.

Key and Lock Protect

If your key is damaged or lost, under this addon, the insurer will compensate for the cost of repair or replacement of keys or the lock mechanism, depending on the extent of the damage.

Consumable Expenses Protect

Consumables are items that have a specific and limited use. Once you use it, you can’t reuse it, you’ll have to replace it. Under this add-on, the insurer will cover the cost of consumables that are replaced or replenished during repairs.

Consumable covered by Edelweiss include engine oil, gearbox oil, power steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, brake oil, AC refrigerant, battery electrolyte, windshield washer fluid, radiator coolant, nut & bolt, screw, oil filter, fuel filter, bearings, washers, clip, wheel balancing weights, and items of similar nature excluding fuel.

Mandatory Deduction Protect

This add-on cover can be purchased for cars less than 5 years of age. Under a Mandatory Deduction Protect Cover, the insurance provider will waive the mandatory deductible at the time of claim settlement.

Personal Belongings  

If the policyholder suffers loss or damage to their goods as a result of insured events or situations, Edelweiss will pay for the loss or damage. Compensation for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones will be done only in the event of theft from a locked insured automobile.

During the one policy term, reimbursement for such losses will be done up to a maximum of ₹1,00,000. The policyholder has to bear ₹250 for every claim under this section.

Roadside Assistance

In case of a car breakdown, this addon will provide support and assistance. Such events include mechanical and electrical breakdown, flat tyre, keys locked in, dead battery, accidental immobilization of car, fuel shortage, wrong fuelling, contaminated fuel, and similar events.

Tyre Protect

Regular wear and tear and the cost of replacing a tyre are usually not covered in your insurance policy. With the tyre protection addon, the insurer will cover such costs in cases of a bulge in the tyre, puncture or bursting of the tyre, cut or damage to the tyre.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much NCB does Edelweiss General Insurance offer?

If no claim is filed for 5 years, Edelweiss offers a maximum of 50% NCB.

2. I want to purchase an Edelweiss General Insurance policy for my new car, which addons should I go for?

For a new car, it is recommended to go for Consumable Expenses Protect, Invoice Value Protect, Engine Protect and Depreciation Protect.

3. When to buy addon covers for my car insurance?

You can opt for add-ons at the time of purchase of your policy or at the time of renewal of the policy.

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