Your car’s engine is its heart. It is what gives the power to move your car. It is, therefore, very important to keep your car’s engine in top condition through regular servicing. This ensures proper lubrication and a reduction in wear and tear.

However, unforeseen breakdowns do happen at times and result in a major failure of some engine parts. As the engine is not covered by the standard comprehensive insurance that you buy for your car, any failure of the engine gets classified as consequential damage or indirect damage (one that is not due to an unfortunate incident).

This is when the engine protection cover in car insurance assumes a lot of importance. This is an add-on to your standard car insurance policy and covers the major components of the engine and gearbox in the event of an accident. The gearbox is also covered because it is what transfers the power to the car’s wheels.

Repairing or replacing any of the components of the engine or gearbox can cost you a lot of money. As such, it is a good idea to buy car insurance with engine protection add-on cover to manage such situations without suffering any monetary losses.


Engine and Gearbox Protection Add-on – What Is Covered

The add-on provides protection against damage caused to the engine and gearbox. If you added this cover to your motor insurance policy, you are eligible to get the cost of repairing and replacing all engine and gearbox child parts; replenishing consumables such as lubricating oil, coolant, and nuts and bolts during repair; labour required for carrying out repairs and replacement of damaged components.

These components are covered if the engine or gearbox is damaged due to:

  • Water ingression
  • Lubricating oil leakage
  • Gearbox damage
  • Undercarriage damage (when an external impact results in lubricant leakage and damages the engine and/or gearbox and/or transmission of your car)

Engine and Gearbox Protection Add-on – What's Not Covered?

  • Consequential damages other than that caused to the engine/gearbox
  • Damages suffered by the engine/gearbox because of wear and tear and not due to an accident/calamity
  • Damages covered by manufacturer's warranty
  • Water ingression related claim where in inundation cannot be proved

In short, engine protector in car insurance is the same as the critical illness cover for individuals. This add-on is the most important cover you can buy to ensure a long and healthy life for your car’s engine and gearbox.


Benefits of Engine & Gearbox Protection Add-on Cover

Engine protection add-on is by far the most crucial among the various covers provided by insurance companies. The benefits of including this cover are:

  • It protects the most expensive part of your car
  • You receive financial assistance in the event of engine or gearbox damages
  • Highly recommended that you include this add-on to your car’s insurance policy if you live in a flood-prone area
  • It will be of great help to you especially if you have a new car
  • It ensures the longevity of your vehicle as the add-on covers engine repairs


How Does the Engine & Gearbox Protection Cover Work

The repair or replacement of engine parts such as crankshaft, cylinder, and piston and pins, can be very expensive. If you have only a comprehensive insurance policy for your car, you will have to bear the total cost of the engine repair and a portion of the cost of plastic and metal parts.

If you include this add-on to the standard policy, your insurance provider would settle the total amount spent repairing or replacing the engine.


Engine and Gearbox Protection Cover FAQs


Q1: I have comprehensive insurance for my car. Does it cover damages caused to my car’s engine?

A1: No, it does not. Comprehensive/own damage insurance doesn’t cover loss or damage caused to engine parts/components.

Q2: Why should you protect your car’s engine?

A2: The engine of your car is by far the most expensive part. Hence, repair or replacement of parts is generally expensive. The car engine protector add-on covers damages caused to the engine and its components. As such, the add-on acts as a shield against unforeseen engine repairs.

Q3: What happens to the car’s engine if it is submerged in water?

A3: If water enters the engine, the chances of the components such as connecting rods, pistons, and gearbox getting damaged are very high. They may have to be repaired or replaced. The cost of repairing a car’s engine is very high. Buying the car engine protector add-on cover will be very helpful as the insurance reimburses the money spent by you.

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