Add-ons are extra covers that help you extend the coverage of your tenure in return for an additional premium. Buy these add-on covers along with your SBI car insurance policy to get insurance coverage for your car. Compare plans nownow.

Depreciation Reimbursement Cover

This add-on cover is more commonly known as a ‘zero-depreciation’ cover. With this add-on cover, in case of a claim on your vehicle, you will receive full value for your car and all of its spare parts; depreciation will be covered by the insurer. This cover is highly recommended for new vehicles.

NCB Protection Cover

No Claim Bonus is the reward that you get at the time of renewal for the completion of a claim-free year. NCB retention cover protects your NCB on renewal if you make claim. Want to know more about NCB? Find out more in this detailed article.

Return to Invoice Cover

In case the policyholder’s vehicle is stolen or completely damaged this addon cover will refund the cost of a new vehicle without accounting for depreciation. Know more about Return to Invoice cover in car insurance.

Key Replacement

With this addon over, the insurer bears the cost of replacement or repair of your vehicle key, including replacement of locks and labor costs.

Inconvenience Allowance

This cover will compensate the policyholder for transportation costs when the insured car is unavailable during the repair period (for over 3 days). This allowance is given for a maximum of 10 days.

Loss of Personal Belongings

This cover is designed to compensate you if your personal baggage is damaged or lost when travelling within India in the insured car. The compensation under this add-on is limited to 50,000subject to a deductible of 5,000 for laptops and jewelry, 2,500 for mobiles, and 500 for other personal belongings.

Roadside Assistance Cover

This cover provides assistance in case your car breaks down or undergoes technical failure while on the road or at home. With this addon, you may receive assistance such as towing, battery jump-start, gasoline delivery, and other services.

Engine Guard

This add-on covers any damage caused by lubricating oil leaks, water entering the engine, and other factors that might harm the engine and the gearbox. If you live in a flood-prone area, this addon cover is a must-have for your car. Read more about the benefits of the engine protector cover.

Consumables Cover

This add-on insures you against consumable expenses such as screws, oils, bolts, nuts, etc. Consumable cover pays the cost of consumables required to be replenished due to an accident of your vehicle. What are consumables? Find out here.

Tyre Secure

This add-on pays for replacement and repair expenses for accidental loss to tyres, tubes, and rims only without any damage to your car or two-wheeler. This cover is applicable to cars up to 5 years of age.

EMI Protection

If the vehicle is involved in an accident, and as a result is being repaired in an insurer network garage, this add-on covers the EMIs of your car and pays it to the financier.

Hospital Daily Cash Cover

If the owner-driver is hospitalized as a result of injuries arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle, the insurer will cover a daily allowance. For a claim under this add-on, a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization is mandatory. This benefit is available for a maximum of 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I buy SBI car insurance add-on coverage and include them in my plan?

You can buy car insurance add-on covers at the time of purchase or renewal of the policy by paying a little extra premium.

2. Can I add more than one addon cover to my insurance policy at a time?

Yes! There is no limit to how many add-ons covers you can include in your insurance policy. You can add as many as you want.

3. What to do if there is a mistake in the car insurance document?

If there is any incorrect detail entered in the insurance policy document, you can get it corrected. Any correction in the insurance policy is called an ‘endorsement’. If you have purchased your policy from Quickinsure, get in touch with us and we can assist you in this process.

4. What factors influence the premium of a car insurance policy?

The insurance premium is determined by the engine's cubic capacity, make and model, geographical zone, age of the car, and the insured declared value. Calculate premium and compare plans now.

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