Add-on covers help enhance the coverage and protection of your vehicle against uncertainties. Future Generali offers a wide range of add-on covers that can be easily availed with a comprehensive insurance policy or a standalone own damage insurance policy.

Daily Conveyance Benefit

The Daily Conveyance Benefit cover will compensate the policyholder for transportation costs when the insured car is unavailable during the repair period.

Return to Invoice

In case the policyholder’s vehicle is stolen or completely damaged this addon cover will refund the cost of a new vehicle without accounting for depreciation.

Vehicle Tyre Protection

Buying the tire protection addon cover means that the company will reimburse the cost of replacing a damaged tyre, refitting charges, labor charges as well as charges towards wheel balancing.

Nil Depreciation

Nil depreciation is the addon that bears the depreciation and replacement expenses of parts of your vehicle damaged in any mishap. It gives you the depreciation amount based on the assessed damaged parts which are only applicable in the event of partial loss of your vehicle.

Consumable Cover

Consumable cover includes screws, engine oil, nuts, etc. are covered under this addon it also provides indemnifies replacement costs of the consumable based on assessed damage.

Engine Protection

Engine protection addon is intended to cover the internal engine parts or gearbox if they suffer damage or require repairs due to water ingression, undercarriage damage as well as leakage of lubricating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the owner of the vehicle also be insured under the same insurance policy?

Yes, it is compulsory to ensure the registered owner of the car is against the risk of personal accident, given that the owner of the car holds a valid driving license.

2. Can the passengers traveling in my car be insured in policy?

Yes, personal accidents cover a sum, not exceeding₹2L per passenger by paying an extra nominal premium.

3. In the third-party liability policy can I opt for roadside assistance cover?

No, you can’t opt for any add-on cover if you purchase a third-party liability cover.

4. Can I transfer the existing add-on cover on the sale of the old vehicle to a new vehicle?

No, it is not possible to transfer the existing addon cover on the sale of the old car to a new vehicle.

5. What is meant by a return to invoice cover?

Return to invoice is a cover that is part of comprehensive stand-alone own damage insurance. The add-on allows you to receive compensation equal to the car’s invoice value.

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