Buy these addon covers along with your Kotak Mahindra car insurance to get enhanced insurance coverage for your car.

NCB Protect

NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. NCB is the discount that you get on the own damage premium of your vehicle at the time of renewal in return for not making any claim during the entire policy tenure.

Personal Belongings Cover

Personal Belongings cover insures you against the cost of personal belongings lost from your vehicle. According to the IDV of your vehicle, the insurer will cover any loss or damage to any of your personal belongings kept inside the vehicle.

Key Replacement Cover

With this addon over, the insurer promises to bear the cost of replacement or repair of your vehicle key, including replacement of locks and labor costs.

Daily Conveyance Benefit

When the covered car is unavailable for repair, the Daily Conveyance Benefit add-on cover will pay the policyholder's transportation costs.

Return to Invoice

This add-on protection will reimburse the cost of a replacement vehicle if the policyholder's vehicle is stolen or entirely damaged.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance will provide you with emergency roadside assistance in case your car suffers mechanical damage or any damage during travel.

Zero Depreciation

Zero depreciation add-on cover exempts you from bearing the depreciation expense applicable on your vehicle and its parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by the Engine protector plan?

Engine protector plan gives you coverage for damages incurred by the engine of your vehicle due to leakage of lubricating oils, water ingression or failure of the engine due to an attempt to start a wet engine, etc. Refer to policy documents for more information or get in touch with an expert at Quickinsure. Read more about the benefits of the engine protector cover.

2. What is meant by depreciation in motor insurance?

Depreciation in motor insurance refers to the loss of the insured car’s value with time due to wear and tear. The rate of depreciation plays a vital part in motor insurance. Find out more here.

3. What if I buy new accessories for my new vehicle, can I get them insured in the middle insurance policy tenure?

You can insure the accessories that you purchased for your vehicle at the time of motor insurance policy renewal time and not in the middle of the policy tenure.

4. What to do if there is a mistake in the car insurance document?

If there is any wrong or incorrect detail entered in the motor insurance policy documents. You can edit it online as per the provision offered by your insurance company. Any correction in policy is called ‘endorsement’. If you have purchased your policy from Quickinsure, call us and we can assist you in this process.

5. Will a third-party insurance policy cover passengers cover?

Yes, a third-party insurance policy will cover passenger cover or unnamed passenger cover.

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