TATA AIG car insurance FAQ.

1. What is the basic meaning of third-party car insurance of  Tata AIG?

 Insurance in which policy is purchased by the insured, from the insurance company, for protection from the claims of another (third party)

2) What is an easy mode for buying third-party car insurance in Tata AIG?

The online method is the most common use mode of buying third-party car insurance.

you can buy the Tata AIGs  third party car insurance through quickinsure insurance  brokers Pvt Ltd. https://quickinsure.co.in/

3)What is not get covered by third-party car insurance?

Any damage To your vehicle due to terror attack, war, foreign enemy action,

to your vehicle are not covered under third-party car insurance.

4)Does third-party car insurance include have IDV?

No third-party car insurance does not have an IDV amount.

5)Is Policy transfer possible in a third party?

Yes, Policy transfer is possible in a third party.

6)Does the comprehensive policy require renewal?

Yes, a comprehensive policy requires renewal for every expiry of the policy?

7)What is the renewal of the policy means?

Renewal means to make a new policy, after the expiration of the previous policy.

8)How to carry forward your NCB discount for next year?

If you do not take a claim for the current year NCB will be carried forward to next year.

9) Can NCB be transferred to the new owner?

No, the NCB cannot transfer to a new owner.

10)What happens if you do not have NCB?     

You do not get a discount on premiums if you do not nave NCB.

11)Do I get NCB if my policy got canceled?

No, you cannot get NCB if your policy gets canceled.

12)What is covered under SAOD Policy?

SAOD policy covers accidents, fire, natural, calamities.

13)Is SAOD policy is mandatory?

No, SAOD policy is not mandatory, but proffered by most of the owners.

14)What is meant by premium in SAOD policy?

Premium is the amount that you need to pay for getting insured by the policy.

15)Why third party insurance is mandatory in India?

TP policy protects you against third-party damage and financial losses arising from accidents.


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