Edelweiss car insurance frequently asked questions –

The Edelweiss General Insurance Company was founded in 2017 and is based in Mumbai, India. Edelweiss Group owns Edelweiss General Insurance Company. Customers' insurance needs are met by the organization in a wide range of ways.


1)What is the zero depreciation premium in car insurance?

It means depreciation covers the total cost of repairs of the car parts in case of accidental damage.

2)Is zero depreciation covers the tire of the car?

No, zero depreciation does not cover the tire of the car.

3)Can I get zero depreciation for more than 5years car?

Yes, for cars older than 5 Years, zero depreciation is available, but only from an offline source.

4)What is covered under plain third-party car insurance?

Only third-party liabilities cover under plain third-party car insurance.

5) Is third-party car insurance mandatory in India?

Yes, As per the Indian motor tariff act, third-party car insurance is mandatory in India.

6)What is covered under third-party car insurance?

Third-party liabilities, as well as property damage, get covered under third-party car insurance.

7)How third party car insurance rates are decided?

Third-party car insurance rates are decided based on the cubic capacity of the car.

8)What is owner-driver cover is third-party car insurance?

Owner driver is the cover which provides the owner of the vehicle on his death up to 15 lakhs.

9) Up to how much amount property damage of the third party gets covered.

The third-party gets property damage covers up to 7.5lac.

10)What is the cover under SAOD policy?

Damage, loss, theft to the own vehicle gets covered under SAOD policy.

11)Which are the add ons offered by Edelweiss General insurance?

Add ons such as zero depreciation, key loss, loss of personal belonging, Engine protection, consumables, etc. offered by Edelweiss General insurance.

12)Is third parties liabilities gets covered under SAOD policy?

No, third parties liabilities get covered under SAOD policy.

13)What is meant by renewal in an insurance policy.

To make a new policy, after the expiration of the previous policy.

14)How to avoid inspection of your vehicle?

Renew your policy before its expiry.

15)What is meant by self-inspection?

Inspection is done by the policyholder itself, after the break-in of the policy.


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