FAQ of Oriental car insurance policy

Oriental Insurance Company, an Indian public sector general Insurance company, was incorporated into a legal corporation on 12th September 1947 in Mumbai. The capital of the country, New Delhi has the headquarters of Oriental Insurance Company. The aim of Oriental Insurance was “Service to clients” and high achievement in the General Insurance Sector. Oriental Insurance has more than 170 policies on offer. Each of the policies offered by the company is characterized by utmost swiftness, Effectiveness, and Cost-effective price range.


1)Can I drive my vehicle without having third-party insurance?

No, you can’t drive a vehicle without having third-party car insurance as per the motor tariff act.

2)Does third-party car insurance require inspection?

No third-party car insurance does not require inspection.

3)Does third-party insurance provide an NCB discount?

No third-party car insurance does not provide 3rd party insurance.

4)Is it possible to transfer Third party car insurance?

Yes, it is possible to transfer third-party car insurance.

5)What if a third party is not insured?

If in case of an accident with a third party, you will be responsible for it.

6)What are the benefits of comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance covers legal liabilities arising from a third party as well as damages to yourself as well as to your vehicle.

7) Is it compulsory to have comprehensive car insurance?

Buying comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory by law, but because of its benefits, it's preferred by car owners.

8)Does comprehensive insurance include the third party?

Yes. Comprehensive car insurance includes third party as well as 1st party.

9)What exactly is your own damage standalone cover?

A policy that covers your car damages and losses is called a standalone cover.

10)Can someone buy only own damage policy insurance?

After 1st September 2018, owners of the vehicle allow buying SAOD separately.

11)Does the SAOD policy include Third party car insurance?

No, the SAOD policy does not include Third party car insurance.

12)how’s your damage premium calculated?

Premium=IDV *Premium rate+add ons-Discounts.

13)Can I renew my car insurance policy with another company?

Yes, it is possible to renew one insurer's policy into another.

14)What are the slabs of NCB discount?

0% 20% 25% 35% 45% 50%.

15)From where I can renew my car insurance?

You can buy your policy from Quickinsure insurance brokers PVT.Ltd

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