1. Why should I renew my car insurance policy from Royal Sundaram?

It is important to renew your policy to ensure that you and your car get protected continuously.

2. What is the full invoice amount of car insurance?

Insure your car up to 100 percent of the list price, in case of theft or total damage you will get full reimbursement on the invoice price of a car.

3. What is the key cover in car insurance?

Key cover or key replacement cover is an add-on to the comprehensive car insurance policy. The insurance company will reimburse the insured, up to the insured amount specified in an insurance policy for purpose of replacing the insured cars key if the key gets lost or damaged, stolen.

4. What is the comprehensive car insurance of Royal Sundaram?

The comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to the car due to accidents, theft of a car, losses to a third party, damage to the car due to natural calamities, personal injuries in an accident.

5. What are the benefits of comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance protects your car from any unfortunate damage and losses due to accidents, fires, collisions, etc.

6. Is car insurance renewal mandatory in India?

Yes, Car insurance renewal is mandatory in India for many reasons, the first and foremost being the rising number of road accidents in India. As per the Motor vehicle Act, 1988 every owner-driver is legally required to carry a car insurance policy. Owner-drivers of the car are required to at least carry a valid third-party car insurance policy and renew it before expiry.

7. Is car insurance renewal also required for old cars?

Car insurance renewal is mandatory for all types of cars in public places in India, irrespective of their age.

8. Is it possible for Royal Sundaram insurance premium to be paid in installments?

No, you cannot pay the car insurance premium in installments. According to Sec 64VB of the Insurance Act, 1938 does not permit insurance companies to provide coverage of premiums to policyholders.

9. Who can be the buyer of car insurance?

Owner of vehicle or lessee who has an insurable interest in a Motor vehicle.

10. It is mandatory to buy third-party insurance?

Third-party car insurance is mandatory in India.

11. How to buy Royal Sundaram car insurance policy?

  • Add details such as make, model, fuel type, and registration date
  • Make sure that you have entered all details as per the registration certificate
  • Add registration location and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Enter the previous year’s policy details and claim details (if any)
  • Select add-ons as per your requirement (if applicable)
  • Bike insurance premium calculator will now display quotations from multiple insurers
  • Calculate Now

12. Third-party car insurance is compulsory for old cars?

Yes, it is mandatory for all vehicles as per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, to have at least third-party car insurance.

13. Is it smarter to purchase comprehensive car insurance?

Purchasing comprehensive car insurance is always a smarter decision than purchasing only third-party insurance.

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