FAQ for Shriram general insurance.

SHRIRAM GENERAL insurance co. is a joint venture between Shriram Capital Ltd. And Sanlam limited. The company is licensed with IRDAI And offers a wide range of general insurance products including Motor, Travel, home insurance.


1) Is it mandatory to have an add-cover in the car insurance policy?

No owing an add-on cover in the car insurance policy is not mandatory. It is just an optional benefit that you can avail to enhance the coverage of your car insurance plan.

2)Explain how many add-on covers are provided by Shriram General Insurance?

Shriram General Insurance company will provide 5 add-on covers of car insurance which comprise Zero depreciation cover, Roadside assistance, Consumables cover, Engine Safe cover, GAP value cover.

3)Is it compulsory to have personal accident cover with a car insurance policy?

Yes In India It is mandatory to have for every car owner to have a personal accident cover.

4) Does Shriram general will provide a cashless claim facility to policyholders?

Yes, Shriram general will set their claims online.

5) Why buy a car insurance policy online from Shriram general?

Buying online also helps you save time and money and it will get more benefits.

6) What is a No Claim Bonus?

No Claim Bonus is a discount rewarded by a policymaker for not claiming for last year.

7) What is an Insured declared Value in car insurance?

IDV is today's market value of a car.

8) Is it required to renew a car insurance policy every year?

Yes, It is required to renew the policy every year.

9) When do I require to buy a commercial car insurance policy?

A commercial car insurance policy is required when if you use or operate a commercial vehicle up to 3500 GVW, then it will buy the commercial car insurance policy.

10)How many days before Expiry you can renew your insurance?

45 days before you can renew your policy.

11)Can you buy a comprehensive policy for multiple years.?

Yes, you can buy the policy for 5 Years at a time.

12)Up to how much amount Property damage of the third party gets covered?

Up to 7.5 lac, amount Property damage of the third party gets covered

13)Does third-party insurance provide NCB discounts?

No third-party car insurance does not provide 3rd party insurance.

14)Is it possible to transfer Third party car insurance?

Yes, it is possible to transfer third-party car insurance.

15)What if a third party is not insured?

If in case of an accident with a third party, you will be responsible for it.


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