FAQ of National insurance car policy.

The national insurance company is under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance Govt. India. The company has 10,669 working employees and its headquarters is in Kolkata, India. National insurance is India's one the oldest company which was founded on 5 -Dec.1906.


1)What exactly is meant by zero depreciation?

It means that depreciation covers the complete cost of repairing automotive parts in the event of an accident.

2)Does zero depreciation apply to the car's tires?

No, 0% depreciation does not apply to the car's tyres.

3)Can I obtain zero depreciation on a car that is older than 5 years?

Yes, 0% depreciation is available for cars older than 5 years, but only from an offline source.

4)What is covered Under a standard third-party vehicle insurance policy?

Plain third-party car insurance just covers third-party liability.

5) Is third-party Car insurance required in India?

Yes, third-party car insurance is required in India under the Indian Motor Vehicle Tariff Act.

6)What does third-party car insurance cover?

Third-party car insurance covers third-party liabilities as well as property damage.

7)How are third-party vehicle insurance premiums determined?

The cost of third-party car insurance is determined by the vehicle's cubic capacity.

8)What does third-party car insurance cover for owner drivers?

Owner driver insurance covers the owner of the vehicle for up to 15 lakhs in the event of his death.

9) What is The amount of property damage to a third party that is covered?

A third party is covered for up to 7.5 million dollars in property damage.

11)Can you tell me about the Edelweiss General Insurance add-ons?

Edelweiss General Insurance offers add-ons such as zero depreciation, key loss, loss of personal belongings, engine protection, consumables, and more.

12)Does the SAOD policy cover third-party liabilities?

No, the SAOD policy does not cover third-party liability.

13)Definition of the term "renewal" in the context of insurance policies.

After the existing policy has expired, a new policy must be created.

14)How can you avoid a car inspection?

Before your coverage expires, renew it.

15)What does "self-inspection" Simply mean?

Following the receipt of the policy, the policyholder conducts an inspection.

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