FAQ for Go Digit Car insurance.

1. What is not covered in the Zero Depreciation Add-on cover of Go Digit?

Go Digit includes zero depreciation add-on, claims for car tyres, battery lubricants are covered at 50% and not at 100% like all the other car parts. Uninformed modifications to cars are not covered by zero depreciation add-on cover.

2. Can I opt for zero depreciation add-on cover for a secondhand car in Go digit?

Yes, you can avail of the zero depreciation add-on cover for a secondhand car only if the car’s age does not exceed 5 years.

3. Do I need to pay more to include an add-on cover in the car insurance policy?

Yes, you will have to pay an additional premium cost to buy an avail an add-on insurance cover.

4. Is there any limit to include add-on covers in the car insurance?

No, there is no limit specified to add add-on covers in car insurance and you can opt for many add-on covers as you wish.

5. What is meant by Comprehensive car insurance of Go digit?

Go digit comprehensive car insurance covers only insured cars and third-party liability in case of accident or any mishap.

 6. Can I get additional car insurance coverage from Go digit?

While purchasing, an advantage of the add-on cover offer by Go digit are as follow:

There is Nil depreciation, Coverage for key losses, Engine protection, Coverage for personal belongings, tire damage, and  return to the invoice

7. Is there a cashless claim settlement option with Go Digit?

Yes, Go Digit provides cashless claim settlement at over 2500 garages across India.

8. What does NCB protection imply?

Even if you file a claim, this add-on cover will keep the No Claim Bonus element.

9. What will be the Go Digit car insurance policy not cover?

If your car is involved in an accident as a result of an electrical failure, the damage will not be covered; similarly, if you are involved in an accident as a result of a drunk driving overdose, you will not be covered.

10. Will a Go digit third-party policy includes personal accident coverage?

Yes, third-party liability insurance is available. Personal accident coverage of up to Rs.15 lakh is available.

11. Does third-party insurance cover the legal liabilities of a hired driver?

Yes, you can add legal liability for paid drivers to your third-party car insurance policy for an additional price.

12. What is meant by Consumable cover?

The consumable cover gives your car an additional layer of protection by providing cost for all your car’s such as engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, grease, etc. in a situation of an accident.

13. Is it a Go Digit car insurance policy that offers Consequential Damages?

Consequential damage means any damage which is not a direct result of an accident, this will not be covered in the Go Digit Car insurance policy

14. Does Go digit has the best cashless network garages in India?

Yes, go digit has 5800 plus network garages across India.

15. GO digit car insurance gives customize IDV facility?

Yes, Go digit will give you a customized IDV facility to the policyholder.


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