1. How do I record any changes in the car insurance policy?

Any changes in the policy relating to personal information, vehicle structure, or its usage, it will be done by an endorsement depending on the type of change requested, you may or may not be required to pay an additional premium.

2. Do I need to intimate if an LPG/CNG kit is fitted after buying a car insurance policy?

Yes. Additional LPG/CNG kit in your car constitutes a material change in the car and hence the same must be intimated to us immediately.

3. How do I renew the car insurance if my policy is already expired?

Even if your policy has expired, a car insurance policy can be obtained. But since a break-in has occurred, the car will be physically inspected by yourself. The entitlement regarding the No Claim Bonus will be as per prevailing rules and previous year policies.

4. It is mandatory to have a car insurance policy in India?

Yes, As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988 car insurance is mandatory in India. You have at least Third-party car insurance in India.

5. When do I require to buy a commercial car insurance policy?

A commercial car insurance policy is required when if you use or operate a commercial vehicle up to 3500 GVW, then you will buy a commercial car insurance policy.

6. Is it required to renew a car insurance policy every year?

Yes, Insurers will generally offer car insurance policies for 12 months. So you will have to renew car insurance every year. You can buy car insurance online also by getting the benefit of premium, minimal paperwork, Time-saving, and much more.

7. What is an Insured declared Value in car insurance?

An Insured Declared Value reflects the value of a car.IDV is determined based on the manufacturer’s listed selling price and depreciation based on your car’s age. IDV depreciates with age, which means the car insurance price for a new car will be higher than the old car.

8. What is a No Claim Bonus?

No Claim Bonus is a discount on Own damage premium offered by an insurance company. This bonus will apply only if the insured has not made a single claim during the car insurance policy tenure. You are entitled to an NCB only at the time of policy renewal.

9. What happens if I wanted to switch my insurance company then it will affect my NCB?

The next slab of an NCB will be allowed in the new car policy of your new insurer. This is subject to a no-ownership transfer, No claim in previous policy, and the previous policy has been active for the entire tenure of 1 year. You can compare quotes and benefits of purchasing the best car insurance policy with the advantage of NCB.

10. Why buy a car insurance policy online from Liberty general?

It is beneficial to purchase a car policy online in India, as there are various policies from which to choose. Buying online also helps you save time and money and it will get more benefits.

11. Who is the third-party insurance administrator of liberty general insurance?

The third-party insurance administrator of liberty general is the Vipul Med Corp. This company gives hassle-free and quick process.

12. Does Liberty general insurance provides a cashless claim facility to policyholders?

Yes, Liberty general will provides the cashless claim facility to policyholders at the network garage or showroom.

13. Is it compulsory to buy personal accident cover with a car insurance policy?

Yes, every car owner must have a personal accident cover.

14. How many add-on covers are provided by liberty general Insurance Company?

Liberty general insurance company will provide 5 add-on covers of car insurance which comprise Zero depreciation cover, Roadside assistance, Consumables cover, Engine Safe cover, GAP value cover.

15. Is it mandatory to include an add-cover in a car insurance policy?

No, owing to an add-on cover in the car insurance policy is not mandatory. It is just an optional benefit that you can avail to enhance the coverage of your car insurance plan.

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