1)Will I be eligible for NCB if my coverage is canceled Midterm?

If your policy is canceled, you will not be eligible for NCB.

2)What does the SAOD Policy cover?

Accidents, fires, natural disasters, and other tragedies are covered under the SAOD policy.

3)Does the SAOD policy is must by law?

No, the SAOD policy is not required, but it is preferred by the majority of owner Drivers.

4)What does premium mean under a SAOD policy?

The premium is the amount you need to pay for covered by the policy.

5)Why is third-party insurance required in India?

The TP coverage protects you from third-party liability and financial losses caused by accidents.

6). What is the basic definition of Tata AIG's third-party car insurance?

A type of insurance in which the insured buys a policy from the insurance company to protect himself from third-party claims (third party)

7) In Tata AIG, what is the simplest way to purchase third-party car insurance?

The most popular method of purchasing third-party automobile insurance is on the internet.

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8)Is IDV included in third-party car insurance?

There isn't any third-party car insurance.

9)Is it necessary to refresh a comprehensive policy?

Yes, comprehensive coverage must be renewed every time it expires.

10)What does the policy renewal simply mean?

the term "renewal" refers to the process of creating a new policy after the expiration of a previous policy

11) What is the mode of payments available for online policy renewal?

You can renew your policy by paying through a debit or credit card.

12)Explain the term Insured?

Does a person get himself insured by paying some premium amount called an insured?

13)Explain the term insurer?

A person or a company who agreed on terms that if any unfortunate event happened with the policyholder, then they are going to be liable for the loss of the policyholder.

14)Does third-party car insurance include have IDV?

No third-party car insurance does not have an IDV amount.

15)Is Policy transfer possible in a third party?

Yes, Policy transfer is possible in a third party.


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