The New India car insurance FAQ.

The new India assurance company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. New India is India's biggest public sector insurance company. It is under the ownership of the Ministry of finance. The company got nationalized in 1973 and founded by Dorabji Tata in the year 1919. The company provides its services in products such as motor insurance, health insurance, marine insurance, aviation insurance.


1)Can you tell me more about The new India comprehensive General insurance?

Comprehensive automobile insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from third-party liability as well as damage to your vehicle.

2)What is covered by The New India comprehensive car insurance?

The new India comprehensive auto insurance protects you from third-party responsibility as well as car theft, loss, and fire.

3)What does The New India of comprehensive auto insurance exclusions mean?

The amount you must pay out of pocket since it is not covered by your insurance coverage.

4)Does third-party insurance mandatory to be purchased in India?

It is mandatory to carry third-party insurance under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act.

5)What are the advantages of third-party insurance?

In the event of an accident, the policy protects you from third-party legal liability and property damage liability.

6)How are third-party auto insurance prices determined?

The cost of third-party car insurance is determined by the cubic capacity of the vehicle.

7)How does the Stand Alone Own Damage policy work?

Stand-alone own damage policy covers damages to own as well as to yourself.

8)Does the SAOD policy also cover third-party car insurance?   

No, the SAOD policy does not cover third-party automobile insurance.

9)What does the SAOD policy cover?

Comprehensive car insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from damage to your vehicle caused by you.

10)How long before your coverage expires can you renew it?

You have 45 days to renew your insurance before it expires.

11)Can I carry over my NCB discount to the Next year if I switch companies?

Yes, indeed.

If you switch companies, you can carry over my NCB discount for the next year.

12)How can I avoid vehicle inspection?

Before your policy expires, you must renew it.

13) Is this The new India SAOD car insurance including Add-on cover?

Yes, Universal sompo include cover Add-on cover like zero-depreciation, Roadside assistance, Consumable cover, etc.

14) Will my SAOD car insurance policy cover electrical fires?

Yes. Any loss or damages caused to your car due to electrical fires are covered under SAOD car insurance

15). Does a SAOD car insurance policy cover tire damages?

Most of the insurance companies only cover accidental damages to the car’s Tyre under

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