Universal sompo comprehensive Car insurance

Universal sompo general insurance was founded in 2007.It is a joint venture between Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Karnataka Bank Ltd and Sompo Insurance which is based in Japan.

What is meant by Universal sompo comprehensive car insurance?

The comprehensive car insurance policy not only covers the cost incurred on loss damages to a third party's property. but also covers damages to your car in cars of the accident. Car insurance is a contract between a car owner and the insurance company wherein the latter promises to protect the car owner from financial losses also protect his/her car from the uncertain event.

Key benefit of Universal sompo comprehensive car insurance?

  1. Select the Type of Plan-Assess has a choice to choose a third-party cover or comprehensive cover based on your requirements.
  2. Opt for Addon-Comparison tools available online can be used to compare the different add-ons available from insurers. Opting for add-ons can help save you a lot of money.
  3. All-time services-Availability of 24*7 responsive customer services.A robust customer support system to resolve their queries.
  4. Manmade Cause-Comprehensive car insurance of Universal sompo protects your car from loss and damages that occur to the car due to manmade causes like malicious acts, strikes, riots. etc are covered
  5. Strong network-Universal Sompo holds a strong network of more than 3500 garages.
  6. Financial Coverages-Universal some comprehensive car Insurance includes the Owner driver covering up to 15 lacs and third party liability coverage up to 7.5 lac in property damages and legal protection from death or injury claims from third parties according to a court of law. 

          Coverage in Comprehensive  Universal sompo  car insurance

  1. It offers the highest level of security to your car. In case of any damages during an accident. You can either claim a reimbursement from the insurance company later or take your car to a network garage for cashless repair.
  2. Comparing the different policies online can help give you a better picture of discounts it also helps you to get to know more about exclusion, deductibles of insurance.
  3. Various add-on covers are available under a comprehensive car insurance policy. You can opt for an add-on cover to enhance the coverage offers under Universal sompo comprehensive car insurance.

4. Covers your car against theft, In case your car is stolen and cannot be recovered, we pay for your loss.

How to purchase comprehensive car insurance of Universal sompo?

Step 1. Go to the online website of https://quickinsure.co.in/

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation of Universal sompo and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6. Once you verify your information, you click on the "pay now" icon and once the payment is made, you will receive the pdf of your policy on your mail ID.

Exclusions in Universal Sompo Comprehensive Car Insurance

1.If the insurance company finds that accident  is a deliberate attempt.

2. Damages to the engine caused due to oil leakage unless you have opted for Engine protection cover.

3. Passengers in a car or hired driver are not included under standard personal insurance. However, you can add on an extended accident cover for passengers.

4. Loss or damages to your car due to contributory negligence on your part. For ex. taking your car near the low-rise areas despite a cyclone warning.

5. Theft or damages to your personal belongings kept in the car, like a laptop, other valuables, etc. not cover

6. Damages caused to the car due to its usage beyond limits.

7. Car is driven by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



1. Are cashless claim settlements available in universal sompo?

Yes, it is available. Universal sompo car insurance has an authorized network of garages all over India where the customers can make cashless claim settlements.

2. What is the company's process to settle claims for universal Sompo car insurance?

Universal sompo takes 7 working days to settle claims for minor accidents. You need to submit the mandatory hospitalization bills, report, and submit to the claims department. The claim amount will be debited into the bank account of the policyholder.

3. What is the meaning of endorsement in Universal sompo car insurance?

Endorsements allow one to add, delete, alter, or eliminate any parts or term under the policy coverage. In simple words, an endorsement in a car insurance policy is an amendment or an addition made to the existing policy.

5. In case an accident happens in a city other than where the policy was issued, then what happens?

If an accident happens in a place other than where the policy is issued it does not matter. You will be guided through the process by the company representative location.

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