SBI General Comprehensive Private Car Policy.

SBI General was founded in the year 2001 and is owned by Sundaram finance which is a NBFC and SunAlliance which is the oldest insurance company in the United Kingdom. SBI General has around 3000+ cashless garages across India which provide efficient claim settlement of your car.

What is meant by SBI General Comprehensive Car insurance?

A comprehensive car insurance plan is an extensive plan which covers any third party liability or the damages that your car suffers. It also gets you protected against the legal actions that are taken by the government as it is mandatory have at least liability policy while you drive your vehicle in India.

 Key benefits of buying SBI General comprehensive car insurance ?

Benefits of buying SBI General third party car insurance policy online are as follows

1. Valet Care: - 24*7 emergency assistance is provided to the customers.

2. You can easily process through the M-secure app and carry out easy self inspection in case of claims.

3. The company provides a No claim bonus for their customers every year, if the customer has not taken a claim for the vehicle. This ranges from 20% upto 50%.

4.  SBI General offers a vast range of add-ons to its customers which help in benefitting the customers.

5. The wide network of cashless garages helps you in assistance for the repairs of your vehicles.

Coverage under SBI General Comprehensive car insurance Policy

1. Loss and damage of your car is covered in the comprehensive policy of SBI General.

2. It covers the losses that are caused to the third-party. This includes the damage of the property of the third-party as well as the bodily injuries of the third-party.

3.  This policy also covers the damages that are caused due to fire.

4. The comprehensive policy of SBI General compensates if there is a theft case . The IDV amount is given to the customer after thorough investigation of the theft case.

5. You can take add-ons for better coverage of your car. You may pay additional coverage for the add-on covers in order to get your car covered more extensively.


How to purchase Comprehensive Car policy in SBI General?

Step 1. Go to the online website of

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from SBI General insurance and other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation of SBI General and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6 : Once the payment is made, you will receive a copy of your insurance on your registered email ID or else you can contact alternatively.

What is IDV in comprehensive car insurance policy of SBI General?

IDV is also known as Insured Declared Value of a vehicle. In simple terms, the IDV is the current year value of your vehicle. It depends upon the manufacturer, make, model, registration year, etc.

The depreciation of the IDV is calculated as follows-

Age of the Vehicle

IDV calculation based on depreciation rate

Before 6 month


6 months to 1 year


1 year to 2 years


2 years to 3 years


3 to 4 years


4 to 5 years



After the vehicle completes an age of 5 years, the IDV of the vehicle is decided as per the assessment submitted by the surveyors, valuators, etc.

 Exclusions in SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy

1. Any loss occurred due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle is not covered under the insurance.

2. Damages to tyres and electrical equipments which might get damaged due to bad weather are not covered in this policy.

3.The company does not pay claims if the driver has intentionally caused damage to the person or his/her property.

4.The losses caused due to war, bio-chemical attacks or fire caused due to nuclear attacks are not covered.

.5.  The company does not pay claims to the insured if he or she uses the car for racing purposes.


SBI General Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

1. Does SBI General cover the damages that are caused to vehicle due to car?

A. No. SBI General nor any insurer cover the damages that are casued due to war.

2. How much NCB would I get for the second renewal in SBI General?

A. You will be eligible for 20% NCB for your second renewal subjected that you have not taken claim in the first year of your policy.

3. How can I buy Comprehensive car policy in SBI General?

Visit to purchase SBI General Comprehensive Car Insurance .


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