Oriental comprehensive car insurance

Oriental insurance is owned by Oriental Government Security life Assurance Company Ltd. It was

             established on 12 th Sep 1947.Oriental Insurance has head Office at New Delhi. Oriental insurance

             company offers individual  and industrial based insurance products. Oriental car insurance offers full

             coverage to your vehicle for  any damages or losses  incurred by accidents or natural calamities.

           What is meant by Oriental insurance Comprehensive car insurance?

The Private Car Insurance plan offered by Oriental Insurance covers your car against any loss and damages due to earthquake, explosion, storm, flood, fire etc.

Key benefit if you buy Oriental comprehensive car insurance?
1. Add-on cover-Oriental will offer essential add-ons for your car at an affordable cost. These add-ons enhance your basic car insurance .Add-ons like nil depreciation , loss of personal effect, free benefit of emergency services.

2. CPA Cover-Oriental insurance includes an optional CPA cover means personal accident cover for the policy holder up to Rs.15 lakh and third party liability cover Rs.7.5 lakh and unlimited in case of third party according to government, court of law.

3. Maximum IDV-You should be clear about the insured  declared value of your car, Oriental will give best IDV to customer according their requirement .

4. No claim Bonus benefit -Discount are provided to the customer of oriental insurance as a reward when not a single claim is filled during policy tenure.NCB discount accumulates maximum Up to 5 years.

 Coverage of comprehensive car insurance in Oriental insurance

1. Oriental Insurance company covers damages sustained by the insured car due to events, such as fire, self ignition, lightning and explosion.

2.Oriental insurance also offers third party liability cover to policy holder upto 7.5 lakh in property damages and unlimited in case of death of third party.

3. Damages to insured car during transit by rail, road, airways.

4. Oriental insurance offer Passenger cover to their customer from 50k to 2lakh it means they take care owner driver along with Passenger who’s seating in car.

How to purchase comprehensive car insurance of Oriental ?

Step 1. Go to the online website of https://quickinsure.co.in/

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation of Oriental insurance and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6. Once you verify your information, you click on the "pay now" icon and once the payment is made, you will receive the pdf of your policy on your mail ID.

Exclusions in Oriental Comprehensive Car Insurance

1 Oriental does not pay claims where the loss or damage to the car is due to any kind of contractual agreement.

2. Any damage or liability which has happened outside the geographic area as indentified in policy documents.

3. If any accidental damages are caused to insured car under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the company has a right to reject the claim.

3. If Vehicle was driven by a person without a valid driving license.

4. Damages to insured car due to depreciation, wear and tear.


1. How to pay            a premium for oriental comprehensive car insurance policy? What are the modes of payment available?

Oriental’s  comprehensive car insurance  payment was done on Quickinsure insurance broker’s online website https://quickinsure.co.in/ .Go to this link and you will find quotation of oriental insurance and thereafter you can pay the premium amount  by debit card, credit card or internet banking.

2 .It is possible to avail No Claim Bonus on oriental insurance third party liability only poliy?

No, It will not possible to avail NCB discount with oriental third party liability car insurance,this is because NCB can be availed only on own damage cover provided in  comprehensives

3. Does IDV value offer in third party car insurance in oriental insurance?

No.NCB claim only applicable to comprehensive car insurance and you don’t raise a claim under third party insurance, you won’t get any renewal benefit. vise a versa if you don’t raise a claim  under comprehensive car  insurance, you will get benefit of NCB, before expiry of car insurance policy.

4. Why comprehensive car insurance cost higher than third party car insurance?

Because comprehensive car insurance of oriental  cover not only third party liability as well as own damage coverage and you buy comprehensive car insurance cover of oriental then premium increases if you opt for add-on.

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