Cholamandalam comprehensive Car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance includes both party safety means the safety of first party and third party damages. Cholamandalam MS general insurance is a joint venture between Murugappa group and Mitsui Sumitomo Japanese insurance company and was incorporated in the 2001.

What is means MS Cholamandalam comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance of Cholamandalam covers third-party liabilities and own damages insurance. The car's loss or damages from any uncertain event like accidents, fire, vehicle theft, falling object, storms.etc. Cholamandalam car insurance caters to different needs of customers by offering different types of policy as well as extra  additions to increase the scope of policy coverage.

Key benefit if you buy comprehensive car insurance?
1. Fancy car-A person who owns a fancy car such as a BMW/Mercedes should consider a comprehensive car insurance policy to keep your prized possession secure from damages.

2Time saving- Renewing comprehensive car insurance of Cholamandalam's online is easy and convenient and time-saving process.

3.NCB Protection Cover-NCB protection cover a policyholder can retain his/her No Claim Bonus discount even after making a claim during the policy year. This NCB protection keeping and NCB intact for a maximum of three claims

4. Optional add-on covers- You can easily apply for optional add-on covers and increase the coverage of your vehicle.

Coverage in Cholamandalam Comprehensive car insurance

1. Comprehensive car insurance includes passenger cover-up from 50k to 2 lacs per person means safety for passenger

2. Comprehensive cover includes owner-driver cover up to 15 lac.

3. Various add-on covers are available under a comprehensive car insurance policy. You can opt for add-on cover to enhance the coverage offers under cholamandalam's comprehensive car insurance.

4. If you love to travel then you must have a Comprehensive car insurance policy to safeguard your car from any emergency and you can also consider a road side assistance add-on.

How to purchase comprehensive car insurance of  Chola mandalam?

Step 1  Log on to Quickinsure website

Step 2  Click on car insurance

Step 3  Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4  You will find a quotation for car insurance from cholamandalam and other insurers.

Step 5  You can select the quotation of cholamandalam and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6  Once you verify your information, you click on the "pay now" icon and once the payment is made, you will receive the pdf of your policy on your mail ID.

EXCLUSION in Cholamandalam Comprehensive Car Insurance

1. If the value of your car gets depreciated, this insurance will not compensate for it.

2 .Loss or damages to your car due to contributory negligence on your part. For ex taking your car near the low rise areas despite a cyclone warning.

3. Theft or damages to your personal belongings kept in the car, like a laptop, other valuables, etc. not cover

4. Driving the car without a valid driving license.

5. If you leave your car key in the car and do not lock your car securely, your claim might be rejected.


1. What  are discount offered by Cholamandalam's  Comprehenive car inurance?

It offers discount for membership in automobile associations, Discount for the installation of approved anti-theft devices in car and last but not least discount for No Claim Bonus (NCB) that amounts to a lower renewal premium.

2. How to buy comprehensive car insurance of Cholamandalam?

Go to the online website of and click on car insurance with login id, password after that enter registration no of the car so that you will find cholamandalam quotation.

3.What is an Endorsement under Cholamandalam car insurance?

Endorsements allow one to add, delete, alter, or eliminate any parts or term under the policy coverage. In simple words, an endorsement in a car insurance policy is an amendment or an addition made to the existing policy.

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