HDFC Ergo Comprehensive Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s premier Housing Finance Institution, and ERGO International AG. In the retail space, the company provides a wide range of general insurance products such as motor, health, travel, home, and personal accident insurance, as well as customized products such as property, marine, and liability insurance in the corporate space.

What is meant by HDFC Ergo Comprehensive Car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance ensures that you and your vehicle are covered against any unexpected losses that are caused due to accidents, thefts, fire, natural calamities, etc.

A car insurance policy is a contract between you, the car owner, and the insurance company. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers the losses while you are using your vehicle.

These losses might arise when you hurt someone and become financially liable to pay for the injuries or when your own car is damaged or stolen.  You can alter your coverage by opting for different types of covers offered by the insurer.

 Key benefits of buying HDFC Ergo comprehensive car insurance?

Benefits of buying HDFC Ergo third party car insurance policy online are as follows

1. Seamlessness and transparency: - The process of buying car insurance from HDFC is very transparent as you can buy the policy by following simple steps.

2. Instant coverage: - The car insurance policy gives you instant coverage after the policy starts. It gives you instant coverage against accidents.

3. Limit your premium: - You can easily alter the policy according to your needs. You can adjust the IDV and other covers according to your requirements. This may result in lowering the premium of your policy.


Coverage under HDFC Ergo Comprehensive car insurance Policy

1. The financial loss that is caused due to death of the owner driver is covered under this policy.

2. The medical expenses of a third-party’s bodily injury are covered.

3.  Damage to the property of a third party is paid up to Rs 7,50,000.

4. The damages that are suffered by your vehicle during transit are covered in this policy.

5. Losses caused to your vehicle during fire are also covered.

6.  You get the IDV returned in case of theft or total loss of your vehicle.


How to purchase Comprehensive Car policy in HDFC Ergo?

Step 1. Log on to

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from HDFC Ergo insurance and other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation of HDFC Ergo and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6: You will receive a copy of your insurance on your mail ID once the payment is made.

Exclusions in HDFC Ergo third party car insurance policy

1. Electrical and mechanical breakdowns of your car are excluded from the policy.

2. Consequential losses are the losses which directly do not occur due to accidents, which are not covered in the policy.

3.  Drunk driving results in claim rejection.

4.If the driver is under the influence of any kind of drugs, the company is not liable to pay claims.

5.  The company does not settle the claim if your car is used for commercial purposes.

6. Claim is rejected if the vehicle is out of the suggested geographical .

Comprehensive VS Third-party insurance

Comprehensive car insurance.

Third party insurance.

Premiums depends upon the cubic capacity of the car.

Premiums depends on engine capacity along with make , model and variant ,location of the vehicle

No extra Add ons are available.

A range of add ons are available , varies from plan to plan.

Can be taken only for 1 year, and for new vehicles ,mandatory 3 years for cars.

Bundle policies of one year own damage +3 years third party for new cars and one year own damage +5 years third party for new bikes

Mandatory by motor tariff act.

Not mandatory.


HDFC Ergo Comprehensive  Car Insurance FAQs

1. What is the meaning of IDV in HDFC’s car insurance policy?

Insured Declared Value is called as IDV. It is the actual price of your vehicle after subtracting the depreciation from the ex-showroom price.

2. How is the idv calculated in HDFC Ergo comprehensive car insurance?

The idv is calculated as follows-

  • Depends on the manufacturer, make, and model of your car.
  • Year of manufacturing of your vehicle.
  • Depends upon the owner type-individual or company.
  • The ex-showroom price and the cubic capacity also play a significant role in IDV calculation.

3. What is an endorsement in an HDFC car insurance policy?

An endorsement can be referred to as a change, alteration, or addition of details in your existing policy.

4. What is the number of cashless garages of HDFC ERGO?

HDFC ERGO general insurance has 7000+ cashless network garages across India.

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