Universal sompo Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy

 Universal Sompo General insurance company is a prominent insurance provider in the Indian insurance space, offering world-class products and services to its customers. It has a robust claim settlement ratio of 99.23% and observes a short turnaround time for the resolution of customer issues. Universal sompo General Insurance Co.ltd has headquarters in Mumbai and Universal sompo started operation in India in the year 2007 and received its license and certificate from the Indian regulatory and development authority.

What is meant by Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy in Universal sompo?

Own damage Private car insurance policy is one way to get a layer of protection for both you and your car in the event of a mishap .moreover, they provide this benefit in several scenarios including cases of total damages, road accidents, theft, manmade calamities, etc. It provides compensation in a wide array of situations.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Universal Sompo

For every claim-free year, the insurance provider means Universal Sompo will offer a No Claim Bonus.

Universal Sompo car insurance online renewal makes sure that you receive car insurance policies quickly and in exchange for less documentation.

Universal Sompo car insurance offers claim assistance 24/7 service of a highly trained customer support team.

Universal Sompo has a wide network of certified chains empowered with cashless garages and workshops.

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from Universal sompo?

Step 1 – Visit www.quickinsure.co.in from your browser.

Step 2- Select the private car option on the home page of www.quickinsure.co. and enter your vehicle registration number according to your Registration Certificate (RC).

Step 3- Select the quote of Universal sompo from the multiple insurance companies' quotes that will appear on the next page after you input the details.

Step 4- Fill out the proposal form once you select the quotation and enter your correct details.

Step 5 – Click on Pay Now once you cross-check your details. You will receive the policy on your email ID once the payment is done. In case of any query raise it to service@quickinsure.co.in

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in Universal Sompo

Universal sompo cover the Damage or loss to the insured car because of an accident.

Vandalism or Theft of insured car cover in universal sompo.

Loss or damage to the car because of an explosion or fire.

Universal sompo cover CPA cover means Personal Accident Cover up to 15 lacs.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in Universal Sompo

Vehicle not being used as per Limitation as to use defined in the policy.

Universal sompo gives exclusion of Consequential loss, Normal wear, and tear.

The claim will be rejected when an insured vehicle is used beyond the limit.

When driving without a valid driver’s license, an accident occurs.


1. Is  Universal sompo third-party car insurance included SAOD also?

No. the SAOD policy does not cover third-party car insurance policy, it will only cover the damage to you and yourself.

2. Is this Universal sompo SAOD car insurance including an Add-on cover?

Yes, Universal sompo include cover Add-on cover like zero-depreciation, Roadside assistance, Consumable cover, etc.

3. How can I get cashless repair service for my car in universal sompo?

Yes, Universal sompo offers cashless repair services to its policyholder at its network garages. The policyholder of the insurance company gets to repair and replacement service at any 3500+ network garages.

4. Who is eligible to purchase universal sompo’s own damage insurance policy?

A person, who has bought a third-party car insurance policy is eligible to purchase their own damage cover to protect their car against any damage caused to any uncertain event.

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