ICICI Lombard’s Stand-Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy.


ICICI Lombard is a general insurance company, who is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

ICICI Lombard provides general insurance, reinsurance, claim management With 10236+ working employees.

Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy in ICICI Lombard’s

On September 1.2018, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) established the Stand Alone Own Damage (SAOD) policy in India. The SAOD policy does not cover third-party liability.SAOD policy only covers damage to your car as well as damages to yourself. Buying a SAOD policy Is relatively cheaper than compared to comprehensive. The policy covers damages and losses resulting from collisions, theft, and fire.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from ICICI Lombard’s.

  1. Network garages-Company provides hassle-free claim settlement service, with 10800+ networks of garages across India.
  2. IL Take Care APP- Company has its own IL take care app which provides instant policy issuance and a quick claim settlement process.
  3. No claim  Bonus transfer –Do not worry about losing your NCB. The company provides an easy bonus transfer process.
  4. Unique add ons- The company provides a wide variety of add-on covers that helps you to reduce your repair expenses.

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from ICICI Lombard.

Step 1. Go to the online website of https://quickinsure.co.in/

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from ICICI Lombard insurance and other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation ICICI Lombard and fill out the proposal form.

Step 6. After making paying online, you will get your policy in your Email.

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in ICICI Lombard.

1)Policy covers you from disasters like earthquakes, floods, storms

2)No claim bonus up to 50%.

3)Covers liabilities arising from accidents, terrorist activities.

4)Personal accidents cover up to 15 lakh.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in ICICI Lombard.

a) Damages while driving a car without a valid driving license do not get covered.

b)mechanical and electrical breakdown of the car not get any cover.

c)losses caused due to war mutiny do not get any cover.

d)If the insured person violates the car manufacturer's guidelines for use of a car, then also he is not liable for the loss.      


Q. What are the benefits of buying ICICI LOMBARD’s SAOD policy online?

A. ICICI LOMBARD’s SAOD policy protects against damages to yourself and your insured vehicle. with zero documentation process and with multiple payment options.

Q. How much time does it require for buying the ICICI LOMARDS SAOD policy online?

A. it is just a two minutes process. You just need to enter the details of your vehicle online and then you

I will get the quotes.

Q What exactly meant endorsement in SAOD?

Endorsement is the document that incorporates changes in the policy terms.

Q Which add-on covers are offered by ICICI LOMBARDS SAOD car insurance?

ICICI LOMBARDS SAOD SAOD includes cover Add-on covers like zero-depreciation, Roadside assistance, Consumable cover, etc.

Q. Where can I buy Stand Alone Own Damage Car policy in ICICI LOMBARDS SAOD?

A. Visit https://quickinsure.co.inand select the private car option on our website. Enter your vehicle number and get the quote of ICICI LOMBARDS SAOD. You can pay the amount directly to the company and you will receive the pdf of your policy at your email address within minutes.

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