The Oriental Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy

Oriental Insurance Company, an Indian public sector general Insurance company, was incorporated into a legal corporation on 12th September 1947 in Mumbai. The capital of the country, New Delhi has headquartered by Oriental Insurance Company. The aim of Oriental Insurance was “Service to clients” and high achievement in the General Insurance Sector. Oriental Insurance has more than 170 policies on offer. Each of the policies offered by the company is characterized by utmost swiftness, Effectiveness, and Cost-effective price range.

What is meant by Stand Alone Own Damages (SAOD) Private Car Policy in Oriental Insurance?

SAOD car insurance policy is a policy that covers a car and its owner against unforeseen damages leading to financial Losses. Oriental insurance also provides personal accident cover to the car’s owner-driver. SAOD car insurance is valid for 1 year and has to be renewed. The own-damage car insurance cover will take care of your own damage costs in the event of a mishap.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Oriental company.

1. Premium adjustment-You can add as well as remove any particular add-on as per your requirement.

2. Time saving-In Oriental insurance you do not have to visit the insurer’s office to get the insurance plan renewed.

3. Secure about Payment-When you renew the insurance plan online from oriental insurance then you get the option of making the payment online through secure gateways.

4. Updated Insurance Plan-The insurer issues the updated insurance plan as soon as you make payment to oriental insurance.

5. Easy Comparison- With the online purchase of SAOD car insurance, you can easily compare plans offered by different companies and premium quotes provided in different plans before selecting an ideal insurance policy for your car.

6. Covers Risk-Oriental insurance covers the policyholder against the risk of damage by man-made disasters like fire, riots etc.

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from Oriental Insurance?

Step 1 – Visit www.quickinsure.co.in from your browser.

Step 2- Select the private car option on the home page of www.quickinsure.co. and enter your vehicle registration number according to your Registration Certificate (RC).

Step 3- Select the quote of Oriental insurance from the multiple insurance companies' quotes that will appear on the next page after you input the details.

Step 4- Fill out the proposal form once you select the quotation and enter your correct details.

Step 5 – Click on Pay Now once you cross-check your details. You will receive the policy on your email ID once the payment is done. In case of any query raise it to service@quickinsure.co.in

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in Oriental Insurance.

1. Being more vulnerable to combustion, a CNG fitted car is usually insured at a slightly higher premium than Plain petrol, diesel car by Oriental insurance company and you can cover the CNG kit of your car.

2. Oriental insurance will cover Financial liability caused by the death of a Third-party and also cover personal accident insurance cover.

3. Oriental general insurance will give the availability of personal accident cover up to 15 lakh as well as the availability of several add-ons covers for enhanced coverage.

4. Oriental General insurance covers metal, fibre, rubber, etc., parts of your car.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in Oriental Insurance?

1. Oriental Insurance might reject the claim if the insured’s car is damaged or any uncertain event happens outside India.

2. The car is used for illegal activity or a purpose otherwise stated in the policy, then Oriental Insurance will reject the claim.

3. If you breach any permit rules or fitness terms and conditions.

4. If a car is used for hire or rewards, carriage of goods, organized racing then Oriental will reject a claim.


1. Does the SAOD car insurance policy in Oriental insurance cover tyre damages?

A.Most of insurance companies only cover accidental damages to the car’s tyre under a SAOD policy.

2. Will my SAOD car insurance policy in oriental insurance cover electrical fires?

Yes. Any loss or damages caused to your car due to electrical fires are covered under SAOD car insurance

3. Does car insurance cover passengers in SAOD policy in oriental insurance?

Mostly, Car insurance companies do not cover passengers travelling in the insured car under SAOD car insurance in case of an accident. Only the owner-driver of the car is covered for personal accidents. However, passenger cover is offered as an add-on by car insurers in India to provide personal accident cover for the unnamed passengers travelling in the car.

4. How long does it take to buy car insurance online for oriental insurance?

One of the benefits of buying car insurance online is that it is a fast process and does not take a lot of time. If you have all the required details about your car and previous policy, you will not take more than a few minutes to renew your car policy.

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