New India Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy

The new India Assurance is a nationalized general insurance company. It is under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded by Sir Sorabji Tata in 1919.

What is meant by Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy in New India?

New India's damage policy provides coverage to the policyholder in case their car sustains any kind of damage. Third-Party insurance does not cover your damage so you have to purchase it separately. SAOD car insurance is called so because it is available as a separate cover since September 01, 2019, As per a regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Universal Sompo

1.No need for Agents-Purchase of a new car insurance policy online will eliminate such agents and you can buy the best policy after comparing various plans offered by different insurance companies.

2. Zero Paperwork-Contrary to the offline mode which requires you to fill multiple forms, the online mode allows you to fill up all the forms online. You can upload required documents online making the application process digital and free of any paperwork.

3. Convenient And Save time-Buying SAOD car insurance online is very convenient. You don’t have to visit the branch of an insurance company and take time to meet the agent. You can get your car insured from the comfort of your home, hence, It will save time a lot, and effort.

4. More Cost-Effective-Buying SAOD insurance online is more economical as you save a lot of in-between costs. Your premium reduces due to the elimination of agents, Zero depreciation.

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from New India?

Step 1 – Visit from your browser.

Step 2- Select the private car option on the home page of and enter your vehicle registration number according to your Registration Certificate (RC).

Step 3- Select the quote of New India from the multiple insurance companies' quotes that will appear on the next page after you input the details.

Step 4- Fill out the proposal form once you select the quotation and enter your correct details.

Step 5 – Click on Pay Now once you cross-check your details. You will receive the policy on your email ID once the payment is done. In case of any query raise it to

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in New India.

1Any sudden, Unexpected, or unintentional event that can cause damage to the car is considered accidental damage.

2. Total loss refers to complete loss of your car due to extensive or theft of your car, it this case own-damage car insurance covers total loss of your car and you will be compensated for this type of damage.

3. If your car suffers damage due to stones, rocks, earthquakes, landslides, the SAOD insurance you from these losses.

4. If your car is damaged due to flood water, hailstorms, cyclone, etc. then your own damage coverage will protect you from these losses.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in New India.

1. The company is not liable to pay the claim if you hand over your car to a person not having a valid driving license.

2. New India’s SAOD car insurance will not cover damage to the engine as a result of oil leakage in a normal SAOD policy unless you opt for the engine protection add-on.

3. Loss and damages to the car as a result of abuse of car manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. New India will not cover the Gradual wear and tear of the car and its parts.

5. If you breach any permit rules or fitness terms and conditions, the company is not liable to pay the claims.


1. How long does it take to renew car insurance online in New India assurance?

A.One of the benefit of renewing car insurance online is that it is a fast process and does not take a lot of time. If you have all the required details about your car and the previous policy handy, you will not take more than a few minutes to buy/ renew your car policy online.

2. Will my SAOD car insurance policy cover electrical fires?

A.Yes. Any loss or damages caused to your car due to electrical fires are covered under SAOD car insurance.

3. What will happen to my No Claim Bonus if I renew my expired SAOD car insurance?

A.If you renew your expired SAOD car insurance policy within 90days of the policy expiry date, then your No Claim Bonus will remain intact. However, if you renew the expired policy after 90 days, you will lose your NCB.

4. Should I raise a claim every time my car is damaged?

A.No. you should avoid raising a claim for minor damages to your car as it will impact your No Claim Bonus. You must raise claims only for major car damages that you cannot afford in SAOD car insurance.

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