Go digit general insurance deals with non-life general insurance products. Digit general insurance company was established in the year 2016 in Bengaluru, India. Digit insurance deals in products such as car insurance, bike insurance, health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, etc. companies claim settlement ratio is close to 81.22% in the year 2021-22.

Stand Alone Own Damage Private Car Policy in Go digit.

Stand Alone Own Damage (SAOD) was introduced by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India on 1sept 2018. The SAOD policy does not cover liability arising from a third party. Stand Alone own damage policy is the policy that covers various damages to your insured vehicle or yourself. This policy includes damages and losses caused due to accidents and collisions, theft, and fire.

Benefits of buying Stand Alone Own Damage policy from Go Digit.

Own damage means damage to your own car, it mainly covers the cost of repairs to your car. The policy protects your car against theft, collision, accident, natural calamities, burglary. In this policy, you also get add-on covers and a No Claim Bonus discount too. You will get quick claim settlements when you choose the Go Digits SAOD car insurance policy. The company is ranked among the leading companies for its services.

How to purchase Stand Alone Own Damage Policy from Go Digit?

Step 1. Go to the online website of https://quickinsure.co.in/

Step 2. Click on car insurance

Step 3. Enter your REGISTRATION no. According to your RC

Step 4. You will find a quotation for car insurance from Go digits insurance and other insurers.

Step 5. You can select the quotation Go digits and fill out the proposal form.

Coverage of Stand Alone Own Damage Policy in Go Digit.

1)Accidents-Go Digits stand-alone own damage policy protects your car from accidents or collisions and covers financial loss incurred by you.

2)Theft- Under the SAOD policy, theft of the car also gets coverage up to the IDV Amount of the vehicle. The total loss of the car also gets covered.

3)Fire and Explosion-Situations like fire and explosions are unavoidable and hence digits SAOD Policy helps in getting coverage and these damages can be taken care of.

4)Human calamities-Go Digits SAOD policy protects insured persons from manmade calamities like riots, vandalism, terrorism.

5)Personal Accident-You will get personal accident cover up to Rs 15 lakh in Go digits SAOD policy. Under this plan insured person gets coverage for accidental injuries and medical and hospitalization expenses are covered under the plan.

Exclusions under Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy in Go Digit.

a)Go digits SAOD policy cannot cover third-party losses of any sort and is made only to protect the damages of your own car.

b) Go digits SAOD policy cannot cover losses that arise from a mechanical fault in the car unless and until it is caused by accidental damage.          

c) If your car is damaged due to drinking and driving or driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, Go digit does not cover losses arising out of it.               

d)Policy does not cover losses like war, nuclear attacks in any circumstances.  

e)If an insured person is found driving without a license, the company does not protect him from the losses.       


Q. What is Stand Alone Own Damage Car Policy in Go Digit?

A. SAOD is a policy that protects against damages to yourself and your insured vehicle.

Q. What is covered in a SAOD policy in Go Digit?

A. Damages and losses occurred due to accidents and collisions, theft, natural calamities, and man-made disasters.

Q. Is third-party damage covered in the Stand Alone Own Damage car policy of Go Digit?

A. No, SAOD policy does not cover third-party liabilities. It only covers damages to yourself and your car.

Q. What is the price of Stand Alone Own Damage Car insurance in Go Digit?

A. Prices of SAOD policies are relatively cheaper as compared to comprehensive or third-party car insurance policies in Go Digit.

Q. Where can I buy the Stand Alone Own Damage Car policy in Go Digit?

A. Visit www.quickinsure.co.in and select the private car option on our website. Enter your vehicle number and get the quote from Go Digit. You can pay the amount directly to the company and you will receive the pdf of your policy at your email address

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