Reliance General Insurance Limited was incorporated on 17 August 2000 and received its license from IRDAI on 23 October 2000. Unlike other insurance companies in India, Reliance General Insurance is solely promoted by Reliance Capital without any foreign partners. It has around 139 offices and 28,900 plus intermediaries across India.


In India, all car owners must have at least third-party insurance. Third-party car insurance provides security against any legal liability arising from damage to a third party when the policyholder is at risk. In short, TP covers damages and injuries caused by the insured vehicle to the third person or property.

Third-party car insurance is mandatory by law according to the India Motor Tariff Act,1988. The third-party car insurance in Reliance General Insurance also helps for various processes in the RTO such as Re-registration of your vehicle, Transfer of ownership, etc.

Reliance General Insurance offers third-party coverage of your private car in which it compensates against the death or bodily injury of a third party. It also compensates for the property damage of the third party up to an amount of Rs 7,50,000.


The benefits of third party car insurance in RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE are -

1) It provides legal cover as well as financial Assistance

Third-party car insurance provides legal liability in case of death or disability to any third person. It also provides coverage for any loss or damage to the third person's property.  This type of insurance is mainly beneficial for a third person or the third party and protects the owner-driver of the motor vehicle.

2) Easy and very simple process to procure third party car insurance-

Third-party car insurance policies are very easy to access and very easy to buy and renew. Anyone who knows the internet can buy or renew a policy online. The process is very quick and simple as well. Therefore it can easily be availed by anyone at their convenience and time.

Helps in RTO related work

 Third-party insurance from Reliance General Insurance helps in RTO-related work such as transfer of ownership, Re-registration of your Registration certificate, Issuance of fitness certificate of your vehicle, etc.

Protects against government authorities-Third Party policy protects us against the fine raised for not having insurance. As we are aware that not having insurance may result in a fine of Rs.5000.If you have third-party insurance, you might not worry about these fines imposed by the government of India.

What is the coverage under third party car insurance policy of Reliance general insurance?

Third-party car insurance provides legal liability in case of death or disability to any third person. It also provides coverage for any loss or damage to the third person's property. Here, the direct benefit is not for the insurer or the insurance company, but it is for a third party. 

1) PROPERTY DAMAGE- When you meet with an accident, there are chances that damage to the property of a third party may occur. The government has implemented that the companies must cover this loss of up to 7,50,000 in the case of private cars.

2) DEATH- There is an unlimited cover imposed by the government of India in case of the death of a third-party individual. The amount of compensation is decided by the Supreme Court of India after considering the income and status of the individual.

3) BODILY INJURIES-  Medical coverage is offered for all types of bodily injuries, no matter how intense the injuries of a third party. well, known insurance companies understand that the events are caused unfortunately or unintentionally and these events cannot be controlled .hence insurers reduce the stress of the insured by offering them financial support.

4) Unnamed passenger cover- Unnamed passenger cover means that your family members, or friends traveling with you at the time of an accident. You can decide the amount of coverage you want, it varies from Rs 50,000 up to 2,00,000.

5) Owner driver cover-This cover gives coverage up to Rs. 15,00,000 in case of permanent disability or death of the registered owner of the vehicle.

6) Paid driver cover- The paid driver cover helps in the financial protection of the salaried driver of the vehicle. The company pays compensation to the driver based on guidelines provided under the Workmen Compensation Act.

How to purchase third party car insurance from RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE -

Step 1 – Visit from your browser.

Step 2- Select the private car option on the home page of and enter your vehicle registration number according to your Registration Certificate (RC).

Step 3- Select the quote of Reliance General Insurance from the multiple insurance companies' quotes that will appear on the next page after you input the details.

Step 4- Fill out the proposal form once you select the quotation and enter your correct details.

Step 5 – Click on Pay Now once you cross-check your details. You will receive the policy on your email ID once the payment is done. In case of any query raise it to

1) Damages caused to yourself or your vehicle during an accident.

2) Damages that cost more than RS.750000 are not covered in this agreement. Costs exceeding this amount are to be borne by the policyholder.

3) no compensation is provided for the injuries suffered by the policyholder.

4) The company does not compensate if the car is used for commercial purposes.

5) The company does not pay any compensation if there is a theft of the vehicle.

6) Accidental damages to your car are not compensated in a third-party car policy.


Description of vehicle

Proposed Rates (FY 2021-22) Rs.

Private cars with engine capacity


Not exceeding 1000 cc


Exceeding 1000 cc but not exceeding 1500 cc


Exceeding 1500 cc



1. How can I buy third-party car insurance in RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE?

You can buy Reliance General Insurance third-party car insurance through quickinsure insurance brokers online by following the below-mentioned steps:-Visit and selecting the private car option on our website. Enter your vehicle number and get the quote from RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE and select the third-party option. You can pay the amount directly to the company and you will receive the pdf of your policy at your email address within minutes. If any issue occurs, you can email

2)What if I don’t renew my third-party insurance policy?

At first, this will wipe out the cover of third-party liabilities and the insurance company will not be entitled to sanction any claim. Thereafter, your vehicle will also be considered illegal without this mandatory cover.

3) How can I register a claim in Reliance General Insurance Limited?

A) You can register your claim in Reliance General Insurance Limited by simply calling on 1800 3009.

4) Where is the headquarters of Reliance General Insurance situated?
A) The headquarters of Reliance General Insurance is situated in Mumbai.

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