United India has been at the forefront of designing and implementing complex covers for large customers, it was incorporated as a company on 18th February 1938 and nationalized in1972. After nationalization united India has grown by leaps and bounds and has over 11500 workforces spread across 2110 offices providing insurance cover to 1.74 crore policyholders. United India has a variety of insurance products to provide insurance cover from bullock carts to satellites.

Frequently asked questions about United India bike insurance-

1) Is higher IDV better in Untied India bike insurance?

Yes, it is always better to have the highest IDV better IDV means more coverage to your vehicle bike.

2)What if my IDV is less?

If in case your IDV is less, you are at higher risk, you are liable for the lower amount of claim.

3) Why does my IDV decrease every year?

Because of the effect of depreciation, your vehicle's IDV decreases every year.

4)Can I Customize my IDV according to my need?

Yes, you can increase or lower your IDV according to your need.

5)What is the Effect of higher IDV on the premium amount?

As a premium increases, your premium amount also gets increased.

6)Does comprehensive bike insurance cover engine repair of my vehicle?

Yes, comprehensive bike insurance cover engine repair of a vehicle.

7)Can comprehensive bike insurance Provide passenger cover?

NO, there is nothing like Passenger cover in comprehensive bike insurance.

8) What is the range of NCB discount policyholders will get?

You will get an NCB discount from 20 percent to 50 percent.

9) Is zero depreciation required for a bike?

Zero depreciation is not mandatory for bike insurance, but it is recommended to get zero depreciation.

10)What are alternative words for zero depreciation?

Nil depreciation or bumper to bumper cover is also called for zero depreciation.

11)What is a better comprehensive or third party?

Both Are important. third party bike insurance covers third parties liabilities and comprehensive cover includes both third-party cover as well own damage.

12) How is the cost of bike insurance calculated?

The following factors will be used to determine the cost of two-wheeler insurance. .Age of vehicle, Volume capacity, Declared insured value, Geographical location, Model.

13. What add-ons does Liberty United India Two-Wheeler Insurance provide?

Depreciation cover, Consumable cover, Passenger cover, GAP Value insurance, and Roadside Assistance cover are examples of add-on covers that policyholders can purchase to expand their coverage.

14. What is NCB in the context of bike insurance?

The term No Claim Bonus refers to a bonus that is not claimed. For claim-free years, all insurers give a discount on their damage premium.

15) Does bike insurance need inspection after the expiration of the policy?

No, bike insurance does not require inspection at any cost.

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