Frequently asked questions about bike insurance in Raheja QBE-

1. What is IDV in Raheja QBE Two-wheeler insurance?

IDV is for Insured Declared Value, which is the total value of an insured bike determined by the insurer to recompense the policyholder in the event of irreparable damage or total loss due to an uncertain event or theft.

2. What does the term bumper to bumper cover means?

Bumper to bumper cover is also known as zero depreciation and nil depreciation cover that leaves out the depreciation factor from coverage.

3. What is the benefit of zero depreciation of Raheja QBE?

If you have zero depreciation cover then you can claim the total cost of replacement of bike parts in case of accidental losses.

4. Is IDV important in two-wheeler insurance?

IDV of two-wheeler is an extremely crucial aspect of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy.

5. What are the different add-ons provided by Raheja QBE in the two wheeler?

Following add-ons provided by Raheja QBE in two-wheeler insurance

Zero depreciation, Key Protect cover, Return to invoice, Loss of personal Belongings, NCB protection

6. How long is the Raheja QBE long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage valid for?

The Raheja QBE long-term comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage has a tenure of two to five years.

7. Is zero depreciation required after 5 years in Raheja QBE two-wheeler?

Yes, Zero depreciation or nil depreciation is only applicable for new or two-wheelers less than 5 years old.

8. What is not covered in a two-wheeler insurance policy?

Following is not covered in two-wheeler insurance of Raheja QBE

Gradual wear and tear of two-wheeler, if Two-wheeler is driven by a person without a valid driving license, Damage to bike as a result of intoxication due to drugs, alcohol, etc.,

9. Does stand-alone own damage cover third-party liability cover?

No stand-alone own damage does not cover third-party liability cover.

10. Benefit of buying two-wheeler insurance online in Raheja QBE?

The benefits of purchasing two-wheeler insurance online are as follow-

No more agents, Zero paperwork, save time and convenience, Gives payment reminders, Easy comparison, etc.

11. When should I renew my two-wheeler insurance policy?

The policyholder should renew his two-wheeler policy before the expiry of the existing policy. This will ensure that there is no break in policy and you can continue to avail benefits such as no claim bonus.

12. What is the cashless facility in two-wheeler insurance?

Cashless facility means don’t need to pay anything for the repair of the policyholder’s bike. Instead, an insurance company will directly pay the bill amount to the garage.

13. What to do if there is a mistake in my Two-wheeler policy document?

If there is a mistake in two-wheeler policy documents, then you will immediately notify your insurer about it. Provide evidence of correct information and request your insurer to rectify a mistake.

14. Will the two-wheeler insurance policy cover tyre damages?

Most insurance companies will only cover accidental damages to vehicle tyres under a two-wheeler insurance policy.

15. What is the amount of compensation granted if the accident leaves a third person in Liberty permanently disabled?

The final premium compensation amount is determined by a court of law, and the insurer bears the entire cost in freedom.

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