Frequently asked questions about bike insurance in Cholamandalam MS-

1)Who is the policyholder in comprehensive bike insurance?

A person who pays a premium and gets insured against liabilities arising from a third party and for their own damage is called comprehensive bike insurance.

2)What are the exclusions of comprehensive bike insurance?

Damages to the vehicle due to an owner-drivers fault, drunk and drive case has not covered the policy.

3)Are zero depreciation and nil depreciation the same?

Yes, both zero depreciation and nil depreciation are the same.

4)Does third-party car insurance include an NCB discount?

No, the Third-party does not include NCB discount

5)What things are covered under third-party car insurance?

Third party's liabilities and the property gets covered in the third party insurance.

6)What is cholamandalams comprehensive bike insurance?

Cholamandalams comprehensive bike insurance is the insurance that covers you from third-party liabilities as well as your vehicle losses.

7)What are the inclusions of the comprehensive Bike insurance of Cholamandalam?

Comprehensive bike insurance of cholamandalam covers you from liabilities arising from a third party as well as cars theft, loss, fire, damages due to calamities, etc.

8)What is meant by the exclusions of Cholamandalams of comprehensive Bike insurance?

Exclusions mean the things that are not covered under policy terms.

9)Why it is mandatory to have third-party insurance in India?

Third-party bike insurance covers an insured person from legal liabilities arising from a third party.

10)What are the benefits of third-party bike insurance?

A policy that protects you from third-party liabilities as well as your vehicle damage.

11) Third-party bike insurance rates decided on which factor?

Third-party bike rates are decided upon by the factor called cubic capacity.

12)Whatexataly means Standalone Own Damage Policy?

Stand-alone own damage policy is the policy that covers insured from own damage to a vehicle.

13) Does the third-party policy include own damage also?

Yes, Third-party bike insurance includes own damage cover-up 15lac.

14)What are the inclusions of SAOD policy of Cholamandalam?

SAOD policy covers your bike from theft, loss due to accident, loss due to natural and manmade calamities.

15)Which is the most common mode of payment method used to renew your policy online?

Paying renewal premium through credit or debit card is the most common mode of payment for renewing your policy online.

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