Here are frequently asked questions about Reliance general bike insurance-

1. What is an insurance endorsement in reliance general?

An insurance endorsement is a mini-policy that is added to a current insurance policy to change certain information on the original insurance documents.

2. What should I do with insurance if I have sold my Two-wheeler?

You can either transfer the policy to a new owner or can cancel it if you have sold your two-wheeler.

3. Shall I raise a claim every time my two-wheeler gets damaged?

No, you should avoid raising a claim for minor damages to your two-wheeler in Reliance general.

4. What if I don’t renew a third-party insurance policy of reliance general?

This will wipe out the cover of Third-party liabilities and an insurance company will not be entitled to sanction any claim. Thereafter your vehicle will also be considered illegal without this mandatory cover.

5. What are the benefits of reliance’s own damages two-wheeler insurance?

Following are the benefits of own damages two-wheeler insurance are as follows

Availability of add-on covers, NCB discount up to 50%, Availability of cashless repair, No paperwork, etc.

6. Will it be covered if I buy new accessories for my two-wheeler amid the policy period?

Yes, you can get the accessories for your freshly purchased two-wheeler covered under your insurance policy even if you're in the middle of your policy's term.

7. What happens to my two-wheeler insurance policy if I move to a different city?

Your two-wheeler insurance rate may be modified if you relocate. This is because the premium for a two-wheeler is determined by the geographic place where it is used.

8. Can I apply other add-on covers to my Reliance insurance policy in addition to the zero depreciation cover?

Apart from the zero depreciation add-on cover, you can add as many add-on covers as you wish.

9. Is two-wheeler insurance is mandatory?

Yes, According to Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to have third-party two-wheeler insurance that will cover third-party liabilities.

10. Does the cost of the IDV reduce the cost of bike insurance each year?

Yes, the depreciation factor reduces the IDV amount each year in bike insurance.

12. Is there a mandatory deductible in a two-wheeler insurance policy?

Yes, a compulsory deductible is included in two-wheeler insurance coverage.

13. Is it necessary for me to file a claim every time my two-wheeler is damaged?

No, if you want to keep your No Claim Bonus, you should avoid filing a claim for small damages to your two-wheeler.

14. Is my No Claim Bonus transferable?

Yes, it is transferable if you have accumulated NCB, you can transfer the NCB. It will need to be done within 90 days of your renewal due date.

15. Can I renew my existing two-wheeler insurance policy from another insurer?

Yes, you can renew your existing two-wheeler insurance policy from another insurer.

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