National Insurance–

The national insurance company is under the ownership of the Ministry of finance government of  India. The company has 10,669 working employees and its headquarters is in Kolkata, India. National insurance is India’s one the oldest company which was founded on 5 -Dec.1906.

Frequently asked questions about bike insurance of National insurance-

1)Does  Bike insurance give a customized IDV facility?

Yes, bike insurance insurers provide customized IDV facilities.

2) Does National insurance have the best cashless network garages in India?

Yes, National insurance has the best cashless network garages in India.

3). Does National insurance provide coverage for damage that is not a direct result of an accident?               

No, National insurance does not provide coverage for damage which is not a direct          

result of an accident.

4)What exactly is meant by Consumable cover?

The consumable cover provides cover for consumable parts of the bike such as engine oil, screws, nuts, grease, etc. in the event of an accident.

5) Does third-party insurance cover the legal liabilities of a hired driver?

Yes, you can add legal liability for paid drivers to your third-party bike insurance policy for an additional price.

6)Does  Nationals third-party policy include personal accident coverage?

Yes, third-party insurance of national includes personal accident coverage up to Rs.15 lakh is available.

7) Can I opt for zero depreciation add-on cover for a second-hand bike?

Yes, you can avail of the zero depreciation add-on cover for a second-hand bike.

8)What things are covered under comprehensive bike insurance?

Events such as Theft, Loss, Damage to the vehicle are covered under a comprehensive policy, personal accident cover is also provided by the policy.

9)Can a comprehensive bike policy cover flood?

Yes, a comprehensive bike policy covers damages caused due to flood.

10)Does third-party bike insurance cover flood?

No, third-party bike insurance does not cover floods because it's for the third party.

11) Does bike insurance cover repair costs?

Yes, bike insurance covers repairs cost.

12)Is Nil depreciation required for a bike?

It is not mandatory by law, but it is recommended as an add-on.

13)Is FIR is required for the claim to be registered in a bike policy of National insurance?

Yes, FIR is a must for registering a claim. without FIR you cannot claim your loss to any insurance company.

14)Which bike insurance in India is mandatory?

Only third-party bike insurance is mandatory in India.

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